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Pictured: Mandy with her husband Allan- who she stresses is largely part of the reason she can lead the life she loves. 


Mandy Wilding has been a loyal customer of Easy Living Footwear for as long as she can remember. Her love for shoes and all things fashion plays a strong role in her life and character. 

But her love for shoes and fashion pales in comparison to the passion and dedication she puts into her volunteer work. Five years ago, the Daffodil Cottage Wig Library began in a small space in Daffodil Cottage. For people undergoing treatment from cancer or who suffer from alopecia or severe stress, the wig library is a safe haven, offering high-quality and comfortable wigs for those who need them most. The magic of the library is largely due to the amazing work of Mandy and her co-founder and friend Heather. 

The idea began when a fellow volunteer at Meals on Wheels invited Mandy to start volunteering at the Daffodil Cottage as well. After working there for a few years, she was approached about an opportunity around opening up a wig library for the local area. Mandy’s background was in hairdressing; though had limited knowledge of wigs, she decided to seize the opportunity and give it her best shot. 

“And what do you know! We’ve been going strong since 2014 and getting busier and busier every day. We are now helping ladies all across Bathurst, Lithgow and Mudgee. I love my job more every day,” Mandy says.

Pictured: The Wig Library supplies wigs to women suffering hair loss-usually from Cancer, Alopecia or Stress. 

A typical week  for Mandy also includes working in her husband Allan’s business, being on call for the library, and being on call for the grandkids! She just manages to squeeze in a walk, swim or pilates class with her girlfriends if she’s lucky. And of course - precious time spent with shoes!

 Pictured: Mandy with her gorgeous daughter.

We were deeply inspired by Mandy’s work. We asked her how she found the drive and passion to live the life she leads.

Pictured: Mandy with her grandchildren- who she often looks after in her busy week!

Her answer comes straight out of a fairytale… Cinderella, to be exact!

“I live by a simple motto. Be kind, have courage, and always believe in a little bit of magic. You must be kind to others - for you never know what they are going through. Of course my work can be confronting - but you must have the courage to not get upset through others’ struggles. You must be strong for them,” she says confidently. 

“There is a little bit of magic everywhere. I believe every day a little bit of this magic happens in the Wig Library. I rarely have to show ladies who come to visit more than one or two wigs because usually the first wig is the pick.”

“Sometimes all you need to do is look up to find the magic. If you look at the world with a sense of drive to find all the beautiful things, you will find you can be passionate about anything and everything.”


And of course, Mandy is very passionate about shoes. She lights up when asked her about her style and preferences.

“I think I’m a real classic dresser - I love white. Most normal people fit their shoes to their outfit - I’m the opposite! I revolve my outfit and everything else around my shoes - they are the feature! But no matter what, I go for comfort first and foremost. Frankie4 are such a comfortable brand with such gorgeous styles. I normally pair them with some pants with an elastic waist - perfect for after a big lunch!” she says, laughing.


Pictured: Not many people can rock a pair of bright purple Go-Go boots- but Mandy can!


Shop Mandy's favourite shoe brand Frankie 4 at Easy Living Footwear. Pictured: Top Left: Frankie4 Polly, Top Right: Frankie4 Lucy, Bottom Left: Frankie 4 Ainsley, Bottom Right: Frankie 4 Hannah 

Mandy’s energy and zest for life is contagious and her commitment to helping others is deeply inspiring. So naturally we asked her to share her best advice to our readers on how we can all live a much more #easy life.

“Life is short. Eat the chocolate and enjoy the precious moments.”

“Likewise, the easiest thing to do in the world is to smile at someone. So, smile at everyone - most of the time they smile back. It doesn’t cost a thing.”

“Another thing - surround yourself with beautiful women who motivate you. I feel so honoured and blessed that I get to help these strong women. Surround yourself with strength and your life becomes easier.” 

“Oh and one more thing - buy the bloody shoes!” she laughs.








Daffodil Wig Library runs solely on public donations. Head to their Facebook page and personally message them to find out how you can donate. 

Shop your favourite styles, brands and shoes at Easy Living Footwear.



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The perfect shoes for your outfits this Christmas

Thursday, 28 November 2019 10:37:47 AM Australia/Sydney

Christmas invites piling up but nothing to wear? 


With the season of festivities just around the corner, we are sure you will want to look your ultimate best, and what better way to do that than to seal the perfect outfit with a fabulous pair of shoes! At Easyliving, we have crafted the perfect range of Christmas classics for you to complete your look...and let’s face it- a good pair of shoes makes an outfit! 


From casual sandals and slip-ons, to a sophisticated heel, we’ve got you covered with fiery, fabulous, fierce and unforgettable red shoes that leave you feeling your best throughout this frantic season! 

Here are our favourite picks for all your events this Christmas.

Shoes for an Outdoor Christmas Lunch 


Have an upcoming lunch by the water? The stunning Savana from the Audrey Avenue collection will have you feeling chic and confident this season. The elegant fold-over buckle, supportive soles and rich red tones are the perfect combination of support and style. Pair with a crisp maxi dress or long pants and tucked-in chic blouse.


Find your lunch goes into the night? Why not step into some of our wedged heels or slight platform sandals to carry on the party? But don’t worry, there’s no compromise on comfort here! All these beauties are not only comfortable, but 100% supportive too. Now there’s no excuse not to dance the night away!

Want to add some spice to your christmas outfit this year? Show your wild side by popping these leopard print cameos on!


Shop our fashion sandals now in time for the festivities. 

Shoes for a Beach Christmas

Do you spend your Christmas hopping from the beach to a family lunch? Free your feet from the heat with our absolutely gorgeous, yet candid sandals. These are perfect to complement any outfit with an effortless feel, but we recommend a slip on printed sundress or flowy midi skirt.


Shop our casual sandals now in time for the festivities.


A Dressy Christmas Dinner/ Work Office Party

 Let’s face it- sometimes there is nothing better than dressing up in something glamorous! If you have a fancy dinner planned this Christmas, or maybe a work office party, then our range of holiday heels should 100% be on your checklist! Again- don’t be fooled by their height. These shoes are as comfortable and supportive as they are beautiful! Try the Kaitlyn or Banty and pair them with any midi length dress or flowy dress pants to complete your Chrissy look! 


If you’re after something a little different, we’ve got you covered too! Look fabulous in the alternative Audrey Benny Heel; it’s trio look of black, white and red will have you feeling wrapped up in festive fun this season...and gives you more colours to play with in your outfit!

Shop our heels now in time for the festivities. 


Overall this Christmas- we suggest you experiment with colour, it is the festive season after all! Pop on a bold lipstick to complement those fabulous shoes! This year it’s all about having fun with it and feeling free to showcase a bit of flair and personal style around family and friends.  Happy Christmas from us at Easyliving! 


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Find your perfect fit: what style of shoe works for you?

Thursday, 21 November 2019 11:38:58 AM Australia/Sydney

When it comes to shoes, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Shoes are a part of our everyday life! We wear them to work, on our morning run, out to lunch with the girls, and everything in between! 

But many of us have come to accept the fact that our shoes are not always comfortable. Beauty is pain, right? Well, that’s about to change. We’re here to tell you that that is complete gibberish! You’re doing more harm than good by wearing ill-fitting footwear - the long term consequences can be both damaging and painful. 

If you struggle to find shoes that don’t cut your circulation or perhaps gape or leave your feet aching, chances are you have a wide or narrow foot or suffer from other common foot-related issues: bunions, high-instep, high-arch, or more. 

Luckily, at Easy Living Footwear, we meticulously measure our shoes to discover the proper fit for you and your feet - no matter what type you have. With our exacting and specific measurements, you'll be able to choose from a huge range of stylish, fashionable and comfy shoes. Wide, narrow, orthotic-friendly - you can pick precisely what's best for you, and still look great!

Wide Feet

Wide feet are often caused by flat arches. When people with fallen or flattened arches stand up, the curve of the foot collapses, which in turn makes the foot appear wider. There is nothing wrong with having a wide foot, but when you constantly try to squeeze into shoes that leave you in excruciating pain, it can very quickly become a problem. Wearing ill-fitting shoes with wide feet can lead to bunions and other bony bumps. 

If you have wide feet, we suggest you go for shoes that are expertly crafted with ample space. The main tips for selecting a shoe that works for your wide feet are:

  • Look for shoes with removable linings and insoles (e.g. orthotic shoes)

  • Choose shoes with a closure system (e.g. laces and velcro straps)

  • Select a shoe with a soft upper and wider sole (this will provide a more stable base)

  • Select shoes that are either open toe or have a ‘box’ finish (avoid pointy shoes)

Here are our top picks for shoes for wide feet:

The Cabello EG17 is a comfort leisure shoe with feature detailing uppers and zipper, lace-up closure, wider fitting and removable innersoles making it orthotic friendly and perfect for wide feet!

 The Audrey Avenue Bettina is a wide-foot  punched leather sandal, with a closed-in toe design at the front to allow the foot to breathe and a sling-back design at the back making it perfect for a wide foot.

The Romika 20702 features breathable textile uppers, a padded lightweight sole and easy to use toggle fastening making it an awesome shoe for wider feet.

Shop our full orthopedic range here. 

Narrow feet

But wide feet aren’t the only issue. People with narrow feet often have trouble getting their feet to fit regular shoes - narrow feet can also result in a heel that is much narrower than your forefoot. This can be quite an issue when you are looking for shoes, with only certain styles available in extra narrow. Regular width shoes often slip and slide and even fall off altogether. 

Luckily, there are shoes that can work for your narrow feet! The best rules to abide to when purchasing your next pair are the following:

  • Look for shoes with laces

  • Look for shoes with adjustable features (e.g. buckles, velcro, adjustable straps)

  • Closed shoes (minimise the amount of space you have to slip out)

  • Opt in for arch support, gel or heel inserts

Here are our top picks for shoes for narrow feet:

The Kroten Harajuku is perfect for a slim foot. With breathable uppers, a comfortable sole and laces, feel ensured these shoes won’t slip off!

The Frankie4 Maria  comfort slide features a contour footbed and dual straps over foot. These may seem scary for narrow feet in the absence of adjustable straps, but don’t worry! These have been designed by a Podiatrist- making them perfect for all foot sizes. 


Looking for a heel that finally fits you? The Neo ™-Syr 1904 features a soft, thick leather straps that holds the foot in place with the help from a modern, metallic buckle on the side that is not only practical but also adds style to this heel. The solid, block heel supports and stabilizes the foot whilst also providing the height you are after and ensures your narrow foot does not slip!

Discomfort with new shoes is acceptable at first because most shoes need some break-in time, but constant long-term discomfort means that the shoe is not suitable for your feet. Ensure your shoes are pain-free and fashionable, no matter your foot-type, at Easy Living Footwear. 

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How to Style your Sneakers in Summer

Thursday, 14 November 2019 8:06:32 AM Australia/Sydney

Kris wearing the Romika 20702

Ah, the beloved sneaker! It’s comfy, reliable and now maybe even the most fashionable shoe out there. Gone are the days where sneakers are for sport, or your most relaxed outfit. Lucky for us, sneakers today come in every colour and style under the sun. 

(Also acceptable: trainers, joggers, runners!)

But with a whole lot of sneaker styles going on, it can be tough to figure out what to wear with them! It’s not as simple as black with black and white with white. There’s also a misconception that sneakers are a winter shoe, and should be fully replaced by heels during the warmer months! We're here to tell you: that’s simply not true.

In this blog, we’ll break it down for you - and prove the humble sneaker really is the most versatile and bad-ass shoe in the game… all year round. 


Classic White Sneakers

Let’s start with an easy one. If you’re looking to style a white sneaker in summer, you’re in luck! It looks awesome paired with practically anything. 

For a relaxed summer look, we love wearing  our white sneakers with a pair of light washed blue denim jeans and a loose white t-shirt. Going out? Pair it with a pair of cool sunglasses and a fancy handbag. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. 

But it doesn’t stop there. White sneakers also make for a brilliant component to another summer wardrobe essential: a summer dress. It’s so awesome to see how widely worn sneakers are with dresses nowadays. Our hearts (and feet) are so happy.

For an effortless summer look, perfect for boozy lunches or Sunday brunches, pair your white sneakers with a bright summer dress. For an extra touch, add a funky wide brimmed straw hat!

Shop our range of white sneakers now.

Patterned Sneakers

Styling patterned sneakers isn’t as easy as the classic white - but it still doesn’t have to be hard. 

When you’re styling a pair of patterned sneakers, you want to make your shoes the statement piece of your outfit. Whatever you decide to wear should make those shoes pop! A great rule to swear by is - the more busy the shoe, the more plain the clothes. If you’re wearing a patterned shoe, pair it with a neutral and un-patterned outfit.

For a beautiful summer look, pair your printed kicks with a white, cream or grey shift dress or skirt and blouse. Let your shoes (and your legs!) do the talking.



Sporty Sneakers

For a long time, people assumed if you were wearing a sneaker, you’d have to pair it with active-wear. Because everytime you wear a sports-shoe you’re actually going to workout, right? ;) 

Although that’s not the case anymore, we have to admit, pairing some killer active-wear with your sports shoes is undeniably one of the greatest summer looks ever. Perfect for the everyday grind. 

If your sport shoes are patterned, and a bit more fun, why not spice up your active-wear? Going for a brightly patterned pair of leggings that matches your sports bra is a great start! Then just throw on a bright tank top and you’re ready to go - to the gym, or just down to the shops on a sunny day. 


Shop the Romika 20702 now.


Alternatively, if you prefer a more simple sports shoe, simply replace the patterned leggings with a monotone coloured pair that compliments the colours of your sneakers.

Shop the Propet Travel Fit now.


Striped Sneakers

It can be difficult to find something to wear with striped sneakers. You don’t want to pair it with anything that clashes, and depending on the colour of the stripes, this can happen way too easily. 

Our best tip with striped shoes is to pair it with an outfit that features one or more of the colours of the shoe. This helps blend the outfit as a whole and gives those striped bad boys the justice and style they deserve!

For example, if your shoes have dark blue and white stripes, wear them with a complimenting pair of dark blue jaded jeans and a loose white summer blouse. 

 Shop the striped Lucia Viguera 1556 now.

So there you have it - 6 ways to style your pairs of sneakers in the upcoming summer. The take home message: sneakers are awesome and can be worn with ANYTHING if you style them correctly!

Now’s your chance to buy some gorgeous summer sneakers - shop our amazing range at Easy Living Footwear. 

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How to clean your shoes with ingredients from your pantry

Thursday, 7 November 2019 8:05:14 AM Australia/Sydney

Pictured: Audrey Avenue Reggie

White leather, suede, patent, canvas, coloured, no-colour, cork, nubuck. One million types of shoes, one question - how the hell do I clean them all?

For most of us, when we look in our closet, we’re faced with a collection of shoes of different sizes, heights, styles, finishes and materials. 

And let’s face it, shoes aren’t cheap! When we spend money on a pair of shoes we want them to last and keep looking good. But how do you keep them shiny and clean when not every shoe is as easy to clean as black leather? And do you really want to use toxic shoe cleaners and bleach? 

With just a few easy supplies and some really easy steps, you can clean your shoes safely and effectively at home. Here’s our best tips and tricks to keep all your shoes sparkling clean - with ingredients that are lean!

Leather, patent leather & faux leather

Leather shoes are the least scary to clean because they’re the most common. For a simple clean start by wiping the shoes with a cloth dipped in a solution of equal parts cool water and distilled white vinegar. Allow the shoes to air dry completely!

If the shoes are real leather, you’ll notice they can easily scuff. For a black leather shoe, simply use commercial polish. 

Still, that’s easier said than done now that there are a plethora of dyed leathers out there! An organic and cheap alternative to remove scuffs from those awesome red leather loafers is to wet a soft cloth with water and dip it into baking soda. Then just rub the scuffed area gently and allow to dry. Once dried, buff again carefully with a clean cloth.

For patent leather and faux leather, simply rub any scuffs with some petroleum jelly and buff gently with a soft cloth. This may leave the surface of your shoe looking murky, so to restore the shine add a spritz of glass cleaner!

Clean your leather Neo TM-SYR 1904’s with the method above.

Fabric and Canvas

I think we can all agree that fabric and canvas shoes are… to put it nicely… not the easiest to clean. If white canvas shoes get dirty, it feels like it takes a village of supplies and a lot of manpower to get those stains out. 


In reality, fabric shoes can actually be surprisingly easy to clean. You’ll need some dishwashing detergent, lukewarm water, a toothbrush and some paper towels.


Wipe down the fabric shoe with a dry paper towel first. This is to remove any loose surface soil. In another small bowl, mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of water. Dip your toothbrush in the solution and lightly scrub over each individual stain, one at a time. Pro-tips: do not over-wet the toothbrush, and move with the grain of the fabric to prevent spotting. 


To remove the solution, simply wet a paper towel lightly and wipe the entire shoe. Then it’s drying time! Blot with a dry towel and place your shoes in a sunny spot where they can air dry. That’s another pro-tip: sunshine is the secret! Nothing like some good old sunshine to fix your shoe soles - and treat your own soul while you’re at it.

Clean your canvas Lucia Viguera 1556’s with the method above.

Rope and Cork Wedges/Espadrilles 


Do you have a pair of gorgeous rope espadrilles or heels you look at and think ‘how on earth do I clean you?” Here’s how you tackle those tricky ones. 


After you’ve cleaned the upper fabric or leather part of the shoe, mix a solution of four cups warm water, a quarter of a cup of distilled white vinegar and one teaspoon dishwashing detergent to deal with the cork or rope sole. 


Using an old toothbrush that’s been dipped in the solution, work in small areas at a time to buff away the marks and stains. Use in conjunction with a slightly damp cloth. Note: when you’re working with rope soles, only brush in one direction to stop the rope from fraying.


When everything is clean, wipe down with a cloth dipped in plain water to rinse away soapy residue and allow the shoes to air dry.

Clean the rope heels and sole of your Jose Saenz JS6058 with the method above.

Suede and Nubuck


Unlike leather shoes, suede and their similar types need regular care and attention. To keep these babies clean, you need to try and keep their surfaces as dry as possible.


The best way to do that is to invest in a proper waterproofer and shoe brush. Spray your shoes with waterproofer before every wear and use your soft-bristled brush afterwards to remove any loose dust, soil and buff out moisture. 


Gently rubbing a pencil along the blemishes then brushing over it gently is a great way to remove marks and scuffs. To remove oily stains, you will need to use an absorbent. A small amount of baby powder will do. Allow the powder to sit on the stain for at least an hour before brushing away. 


Voila! These are our easy ways to clean your different types shoes with ingredients that should be somewhere in your home, and are also wholesome, organic, and kid-friendly… and they actually work. 


We’d love to hear your tips and tricks on how you clean your shoes. Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook!






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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Shoe trends through the decades

Thursday, 31 October 2019 1:41:00 PM Australia/Sydney

Ladies, we’ve all been here - we sit down with a cuppa in hand, old photos in the other. We start to reminisce, relive our younger years… then we take a closer look and start to wonder  “What on earth was I thinking with those shoes?! Who let me out of the house wearing those?!” 

Shoes glorious shoes! They are the finishing touches of every outfit! However, we think it’s safe to say that there have definitely been some regrettable choices in the shoe department.

So lets take a step back in time and take a look at the iconic summer shoes we want to remember - or perhaps forget!


1960s shoes reflected the changing times! It was out with the big heels and in with shoes that were comfortable, easy to wear and easy to live in! 

Many of these shoes had small square heels - this is where the iconic Mary Jane was born - the most memorable summer shoe of the 60’s! Other summer shoes included brightly coloured pumps and kitten heels. 

But we can’t forget the legendary boot! Although first developed to be worn during the cold months, they soon were adapted to be fashionable and wearable all year round. Very quickly they became a mandatory part of every girls summer wardrobe. Calf-high boots soon evolved into booties (ankle-length) and came in a range of colours to suit every outfit. 


The 70’s were shaped by one word: platforms. Everyone began to wear platform heels not only during summer but all year round. These platforms could range from small to enormous! We can imagine the emergency rooms were routinely treating people for twisted or broken ankles caused by these skyscrapers! 

The 1970’s also saw the iconic clog come to the surface. A popular summer shoe; clogs often had wooden souls for extra added comfort!



Although the 1980s seemed to be overshadowed by fluros, shoulder pads, blue eyeshadow and sequins, their shoe counterparts were actually pretty tame! Worn all throughout summer, this decade was shaped by the sneaker. 

Think: Reeboks, Adidas, Nike, Dunlop Volleys and Converse. High-top, low-top, high-soul, flat-soul- it didn’t matter the style, as long as it was one of these brands. All these sneakers, particularly hightop Reeboks, became extremely popular during the ’80s aerobics craze! 

The 1980’s summer was also shaped by a shoe we’ve tried our best to forget… jellies. These sandals were literally made of PVC plastic and often infused with every colour of glitter you could possibly think of. We’ve got one word to say to these babes - goodbye. 

The 1990’s

The 90’s was full of many quirky and kooky fashion trends, but one thing that decade did do right was shoes!

Perhaps one of the most iconic summer shoes of the 90s that began to grow in prominence was the birkenstock. It was the comfy sandal that everyone dreamed of! It’s interesting to see how popular it has become again! 

Summer styles also included platform slip ons from Steve Madden and the continuing of sneaker styles- where Nike Air Maxs were worn by every girl and guy on the street!

The 90’s are also often referred to as the ‘grunge’ decade. This meant, regardless of the weather being hot, people would still wear tight boots! This was the decade where Doc Martens grew to fame.


Oh, the early 2000s. Although the fashion was...well, weird...the shoes were actually pretty tame! Summer was shaped by floral mules and canvas slip ons - spearheaded particularly by Vans. Sparkly flats were also very popular in this decade.


The fashion now has luckily calmed down. Shoe trends these last 5 years have been all about simplicity. Strappy and elegant sandals are in high demand! 

Although they never go out of fashion, stripes have definitely picked up in popularity. More and more shoe brands are incorporating stripes into their designs! 

Pictured: Saimon Bianca

Pictured: Lucia Viguera 1556

At Easy Living Footwear, we closely observe global fashion trends and bring them to you in a shoe that puts comfort first! Because, every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful (and nobody deserves to wear a bright purple jelly sandal, ever again). 

Shop the 2019 shoe trends that keep your feet happy at Easy Living Footwear.  

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Healthy mind, healthy life: a moment with Kris Abbey

Thursday, 24 October 2019 9:48:10 AM Australia/Sydney

Kris wearing Viguera by Lucia.

Imagine you work as the founding Editor and Author of Spa & Wellness International magazine and website. Now, imagine you also act as a consultant in the spa industry where you trial different properties’ spa menus. Combine this with owning a fitness studio in your local area and raising three kids.

Seems pretty easy… said no-one ever. 

Meet Kris Abbey. This ambitious woman who does it all. 

You may recognise her as the gorgeous brunette from our recent social media images, or perhaps you’ve seen her on Instagram as @Spagirlkris. Either way, we were lucky enough to sit down with Kris and discuss all things wellness related.


So what does a typical week look like for a woman of many talents? 

“When I’m not travelling it’s actually pretty routine! I’m usually working on creating content and writing blogs for the magazine. I make sure my Mondays have no meetings so I can plan social posts for the week ahead. Then Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my meeting days and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings I lead fitness classes.”

Kris wearing Pixie by Miss M.

Due to the nature of the job, no week for Kris is ever the same.

“I could have a week working at home or simply be doing something with clients all around the world. My week may be filled with reviewing spa treatments or going to international media events or on conference calls with teams in Asia. Who knows!”  

But if you think receiving spa treatments came easily to Kris, think again. Her current profession and lifestyle is the result of setbacks, determination and hard work. 

As a child, Kris faced continuous health problems. Her days were filled with medical appointments and drug prescriptions. It wasn’t until her mum decided to take Kris to a naturopath when things started to finally change.

Kris wearing Romika 20702

“My naturopath was fantastic! For the first time in my life somebody explained to me the link between a healthy diet and your health. We successfully eliminated all the triggering foods from my diet that had shot my immune system into a million pieces. So, finally I started to feel better! I was just totally fascinated how this person could solve the issue that I had been suffering for years.”

“From then on I became obsessed with nutrition and healthy living and having this mind, body, balance. I knew this was my passion and I knew I wanted to share this with others. So I began teaching, consulting 1:1 and gradually took over my own brand. That’s pretty much how Spa Life magazine was born.”

Through her experience within the wellness industry, it’s clear Kris believes happiness and health has neither a ‘quick-fix’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, it comes down to only one element - you. 

“You need to listen to your body and find a balance that works for you. Not anyone else - you. I know that taking time out of my day to move my body and eat a salad not only is good for my body, but also doubles-up as the time I need to stay sane.” 

“You also can’t shy away from a challenge. Challenge yourself every day but end the day smiling. Don’t sweat the small stuff. People undermine how big the role of the mind is in health and wellbeing,” she says. 

Kris wearing Carmen from Neo. 

Sometimes relaxing and looking after yourself is easier said than done! We’re happy to announce that Spa & Wellness International and Easy Living Footwear have partnered up to give one lucky lady a 12 month subscription to Spa & Wellness International magazine and a pair of shoes of your choice from Easy Living Footwear. Treating yourself matters!

All you have to do is post a photo and share your best self-care tips to wind down and avoid burnout for the chance to win*. Use the hashtag #easylivingfootwear and tag both @easylivingfootwear and @spagirlkris to be in the running! 

Good luck and remember: relaxing and taking time out for yourself isn’t a crime!

*Terms and conditions apply. 


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These Feet Are Made For Walking

Thursday, 17 October 2019 10:36:00 AM Australia/Sydney

These feet are made for walking… so why do I have crippling blisters?

These feet are made for walking… so why do my arthritis and bunions prevent me from moving?

These feet are made for walking… so why are they in agonising pain? 

Let’s think about this for a second - try to imagine a life without functioning feet. It’s almost impossible! From walking the dog to driving a car, we rely on our feet for even the most basic of tasks.

But when our feet aren’t healthy, a simple trip to the grocery store can very quickly turn into an excruciating experience.

So if we know how important it is to have functioning feet, why do we treat them so terribly? Let’s be honest - we all wear ill-fitting shoes and pray the good old band-aid will do the trick. 

There’s a misconception that ‘beauty is pain’ - aching feet is the price you have to pay to wear a fashionable shoe. But what if we told you it’s possible to ease the pain and discomfort of many foot conditions, including arthritis, bunions and heel spurs, with a correctly sized shoe that still looks bangin’?


At Easy Living Footwear, we’re passionate about comfortable and supportive footwear that not only looks good, but makes your feet feel good too!

Here are some of our favourite foot-friendly shoes to shop this season: 


Amarante by Naot

Amarante has a velcro adjustable forefoot, instep, enclosed heel and removable inner-sole fit for orthotics. Shop Amarante now.

Ariel11 by Klouds

Ariel11 has velco adjustable straps and a removable rubber innersole to easy joint pain and allow for orthotics. Shop Ariel11 now.

 Miami by Revere

Miami has removable innersoles, velcro adjustable hook and loop straps, matching strap extensions and built in arch support. Shop Miami now.


Or maybe you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers but don’t know what to pair them with? We’ve got you covered too!

Ara 14418

Ara 14418 has intricate leather cut outs to allow your foot to breathe, a cushioned sole, stretchy leather uppers and a removal inner sole fit for orthotics. Pair with your favourite pair of white jeans and a loose linen blouse for the ultimate summer look. Shop Ara 14418 now.

You can shop our huge range of orthotic-friendly sandals and shoes in a variety of colours and styles from the comfort of your home. Feel satisfied knowing any shoes you purchase from the Frankie 4, KloudsNaotRevere and Ziera collections have built-in extra flexibility and support to cater to any lifestyle. 

Alternatively, if you live near one of our stores, feel free to come in for a custom fit! Our staff are committed to taking the time to ensure you and your shoes are a perfect match. 


These feet are made for walking. So that’s just what they’ll do. 


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From Mum to Model: Stepping into Sonja’s shoes

Wednesday, 9 October 2019 11:31:51 AM Australia/Sydney

Pictured: Sonja working her magic at our recent photoshoot. Wearing Bianca sandals by Saimon in red.

An average day for Sonja Parker starts like any other mum. 

She gets up early, makes her kids breakfast, and then takes them to school. Next is work time, followed by some ‘me-time’ that usually consists of a walk, yoga or a jog. Then it’s school pick-up time, household chores and dinner. 

On any given day, you’ll find Sonja in a casual outfit and comfortable sport shoes with a bag full of seemingly ordinary things - reading glasses, a lipstick, wallet, keys, tissues and occasionally some pick-me-up sweets. 

But when she isn’t on mum-duty or in active-wear, you’ll find Sonja in front of a camera in full glam doing what she loves- modelling.

Pictured: Sonja wearing the TMSYR by Neo.

Born in The Netherlands, Sonja grew up with a love for travel, in fact she was a flight attendant for over a decade! During this time when based in London, she met her Aussie husband and made the move to Australia in 2005. Once they settled, Sonja was forced to make a career change and entered into the care-worker industry.

“I now work part time as a Community Support Worker. Essentially I go to people’s homes and make their lives and family lives easier. But considering that is part-time, it made me want to do more. And so, the idea of modelling was born.”

Pictured: Sonja wearing the Hawaii Sandals by Silver Lining.

But to Sonja, who is now 49, modelling isn’t just about taking some photos and getting the job done.  As she shares her story effortlessly between takes for our latest photo-shoot, it’s clear that modelling for Sonja means much more, it is a powerful vehicle for her age-positivity message. 

“I love being a mature model as it shows people that real beauty, style and the fashion industry is ageless. I want everyone to view age as a wonderful thing- to love your wrinkles and your rich experience of life. I wish to inspire other women my age or older, and even those younger than me, that there is a beautiful fashion for everyone.” 

But surely there is a secret to having that much self-confidence and determination? We expect an answer found in a disciplined workout schedule, diet and years of personal therapy. 

Yet Sonja provides us instead with a simple and grounded answer. Sonja’s recipe for a healthy and happy relationship with yourself is...well, that there’s ultimately no fixed recipe at all.

“By getting older I can see how fast life goes by. I now know to live easy, to really take a step back and see if I haven't overscheduled myself. No matter what, I ensure I make time for me every day, to do something that’s healthy. 

“You must enjoy the quiet times in life and learn to not overfill it with the complicated things. All it takes is 5 minutes. If you’re getting overwhelmed, go outside, take a breath. Life is short, so take some time out, and enjoy it.” She said.

Pictured: Sonja in Jazmin by Django and Juliette.

Sonja’s experiences can teach us many things, but the key takeaways are that there is no one way to live life, no age limit to stop wearing certain clothes or to feel comfortable in your own skin, no age-limit to try a new career and do something that you want to do for you.  There is no reason for you to stress the small things when there's so much more in the world to care about. Find a way for you to feel comfortable with your choices and fit within your own ideal of life.

We think it’s safe to say the only ‘perfect fit’ in life comes from a newly purchased pair of shoes. 

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Posted By Kahla Fisher

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