Valentine's day is next Friday Night, and although we believe love should be celebrated every day of the year, we can’t deny it’s a good excuse to treat yourself and your significant lover to a date night! 

It’s so important to work on your relationship with your loved one. Whether that be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or even a friend, taking the time out to acknowledge and how special they are to you, will do wonders in strengthening your connection. 

But if you’re sick of eating at the same restaurant or sitting in the same 2 cinema seats, then it may be time to start thinking of a new date idea! Never fear, we are here to save the day (or night). Here are suggestions on fun date ideas to spice it up this Valentines day- and the shoes to wear to them!

Late Night Art

For all the creatives and art lovers out there, why not make your next Date orientated exactly around that and head to a local Art Gallery. There is something so special about browsing art, and admiring how the talented artists works. It’s a great place to kick-start thought provoking discussions too! 

What shoes to wear:

If you’re seeing art- why not wear art too! Art galleries are a great excuse to wear something a lil’ bit more quirky and out of your comfort zone. Why not wear shoes that are patterned, colourful and fun? Here are our favourites: 

Left: Saimon Nicola, Middle: Laura Vita Farah, Right: Zeta Lucila

Pottery, Painting or Art Class

Bring out your inner Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze (Ghost, anyone?) and book yourself in for a pottery class! This is a great way to have fun and get dirty! If you’re finding it hard to find a place that offers pottery lessons, why not look into local Art studios that often offer painting lessons. Grab a bottle of red, put on your smock, and let your creativity run wild! You and your partner are bound to have a blast!


What shoes to wear:

It’s almost too obvious to say- but, if you’re going to get dirty then don’t wear white shoes! Here are our favourite options for black shoes that are easy to clean: 


Left: Cabello Cp262, Middle: Audrey Avenue Anna, Right: Frankie4 Sophie 

Picnic & Stargazing 


Want to trade the standard restaurant? Picnics are a great, low-cost date alternative. You still get to go for dinner, but don’t need to blow your wallet- best of both worlds! Soak up the last of summer and catch the sunset and then bring some pillows to watch the stars once it gets dark! Don’t forget to bring a cute picnic rug to finish it off (and to ensure its a great picture option!).

What shoes to wear: 

Pincic shoes come in all shapes and sizes but we believe bright and summery sandals, flat espadrilles and brogues are the way to go! You always want to make sure your shoes are flat for a picnic- so you can conquer any terrain! Here are our favourites: 

Left: Audrey Avenue Yang, Middle: Lucia Viguera 1556, Right: Lucia Viguera 0822

The Theatre 

If you’re looking for an excuse to wear something fancy, but don’t want to go to the cinemas for the 4th date night in a row, why not book a show at the local theatre or stage? Whether it be a comedy show, the ballet or a drama production, sometimes it’s worth mixing it up and giving yourself and your loved one a treat! It’s still the same value as a cinema, but we think it's safe to say there's something about seeing performers in real life that's well and truly magical!

What shoes to wear:

Pop on your best heels! We all have a pair of classy heels we wish we could wear more often (and simply just don’t make the cut for a Sunday grocery trip). Well, this is your excuse to wear them! Here are our favourites: 

Left: Audrey Avenue Benny, Middle: NEO-TSYR 1905, Right: Django Juliette Sonja

Bushwalking or Exploring a National Park 

If you’re looking for something more low budget, then why not talk a walk down memory literally; go on a bushwalk and reminisce over old times! Chances are there are at least a couple of national parks or reserves within driving distance to you. Grab some lunch on the go, and you’re off! 

What shoes to wear: 

You’ll need comfortable walking shoes for this date. Something that is supportive, but nonetheless stylish. Here are our favourites: 

Left: Romika- 20702, Middle: Hoff Sess illetes, Right: Ara-34027

So, why not this Valentines Day, mix it up a bit and go out of your comfort zone. And oh, if your hubby is looking for something to get you, we happen to know of a really great place to buy shoes. 

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