The current bushfire crisis that devastates Australia is both frightening and deeply upsetting. 

Twenty-five people and more than one billion animals have been killed. Over 10 million hectares of land have been burnt, 2000 homes destroyed, and thousands of people evacuated and left displaced. 

Even if you aren’t directly located near a fire, the physical effects are felt by many - with Australia’s air quality becoming the worst in the world, and skies as near as New Zealand’s and as distant as South America’s turning orange with smoke.

These statistics are deeply unnerving, but they become even more unsettling if you imagine what they might have been without the brilliant heroism of the Australian firefighters. 

But for many, these fires have been personal. Like many of you, our owner Robyn McLennan experienced the devastating effects of the fires first-hand. The bushfires on Saturday 4th January reached emergency levels, with temperatures and wind forces at a record high. Robyn and her husband Roger’s family farm was threatened by the Dunns Road Fire that burnt it’s way through the Adelong/Batlow area in South NSW. 

However, thanks to the immeasurable bravery of firefighters, and their teamwork, grit and utter persistence,  Robyn’s property was saved.

“This beast of a fire was running in all directions and our firies did the most amazing job. Their dedication and bravery is what makes this country so amazing,” Robyn said. 

In awe of the heroism she witnessed, Robyn reflects:

“There were high blazes everywhere and Captains asked for extra assets. We had none, so they just had to work with what they had. No-one got angry, they accepted the challenge as a true Aussie would, and just got on with the enormous task of saving property, livestock and most importantly, lives.” 

Moved by the Firies and their incredible work and humility, Robyn knew it was time to act. 

Unfortunately, many small rural fire brigades find it extremely difficult to get funding for new equipment. For this reason, Robyn announced that Easy Living Footwear would donate to the Adelong and Districts RFS brigades $5 from every pair of shoes sold throughout the four stores and online until January 15,.

Thanks to our incredible and generous Easy Living Footwear customers, we have been able to donate a total of $4830 to these RFS brigades. This donation will go straight to the individuals who continue to risk their lives to keep us, our homes and our animals safe. 

On behalf of Robyn and Easy Living Footwear we thank you for your incredible effort. Our country is burning and it is incredibly easy to feel disheartened and hopeless, but it’s times like these where we band together, and realise just how great Australians are.

To everyone who has been directly affected by these devastating bushfires, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. To the amazing firefighters who continue to tirelessly fight day- in and day-out, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.