Ladies, we’ve all been here - we sit down with a cuppa in hand, old photos in the other. We start to reminisce, relive our younger years… then we take a closer look and start to wonder  “What on earth was I thinking with those shoes?! Who let me out of the house wearing those?!” 

Shoes glorious shoes! They are the finishing touches of every outfit! However, we think it’s safe to say that there have definitely been some regrettable choices in the shoe department.

So lets take a step back in time and take a look at the iconic summer shoes we want to remember - or perhaps forget!


1960s shoes reflected the changing times! It was out with the big heels and in with shoes that were comfortable, easy to wear and easy to live in! 

Many of these shoes had small square heels - this is where the iconic Mary Jane was born - the most memorable summer shoe of the 60’s! Other summer shoes included brightly coloured pumps and kitten heels. 

But we can’t forget the legendary boot! Although first developed to be worn during the cold months, they soon were adapted to be fashionable and wearable all year round. Very quickly they became a mandatory part of every girls summer wardrobe. Calf-high boots soon evolved into booties (ankle-length) and came in a range of colours to suit every outfit. 


The 70’s were shaped by one word: platforms. Everyone began to wear platform heels not only during summer but all year round. These platforms could range from small to enormous! We can imagine the emergency rooms were routinely treating people for twisted or broken ankles caused by these skyscrapers! 

The 1970’s also saw the iconic clog come to the surface. A popular summer shoe; clogs often had wooden souls for extra added comfort!



Although the 1980s seemed to be overshadowed by fluros, shoulder pads, blue eyeshadow and sequins, their shoe counterparts were actually pretty tame! Worn all throughout summer, this decade was shaped by the sneaker. 

Think: Reeboks, Adidas, Nike, Dunlop Volleys and Converse. High-top, low-top, high-soul, flat-soul- it didn’t matter the style, as long as it was one of these brands. All these sneakers, particularly hightop Reeboks, became extremely popular during the ’80s aerobics craze! 

The 1980’s summer was also shaped by a shoe we’ve tried our best to forget… jellies. These sandals were literally made of PVC plastic and often infused with every colour of glitter you could possibly think of. We’ve got one word to say to these babes - goodbye. 

The 1990’s

The 90’s was full of many quirky and kooky fashion trends, but one thing that decade did do right was shoes!

Perhaps one of the most iconic summer shoes of the 90s that began to grow in prominence was the birkenstock. It was the comfy sandal that everyone dreamed of! It’s interesting to see how popular it has become again! 

Summer styles also included platform slip ons from Steve Madden and the continuing of sneaker styles- where Nike Air Maxs were worn by every girl and guy on the street!

The 90’s are also often referred to as the ‘grunge’ decade. This meant, regardless of the weather being hot, people would still wear tight boots! This was the decade where Doc Martens grew to fame.


Oh, the early 2000s. Although the fashion was...well, weird...the shoes were actually pretty tame! Summer was shaped by floral mules and canvas slip ons - spearheaded particularly by Vans. Sparkly flats were also very popular in this decade.


The fashion now has luckily calmed down. Shoe trends these last 5 years have been all about simplicity. Strappy and elegant sandals are in high demand! 

Although they never go out of fashion, stripes have definitely picked up in popularity. More and more shoe brands are incorporating stripes into their designs! 

Pictured: Saimon Bianca

Pictured: Lucia Viguera 1556

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