When it comes to shoes, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Shoes are a part of our everyday life! We wear them to work, on our morning run, out to lunch with the girls, and everything in between! 

But many of us have come to accept the fact that our shoes are not always comfortable. Beauty is pain, right? Well, that’s about to change. We’re here to tell you that that is complete gibberish! You’re doing more harm than good by wearing ill-fitting footwear - the long term consequences can be both damaging and painful. 

If you struggle to find shoes that don’t cut your circulation or perhaps gape or leave your feet aching, chances are you have a wide or narrow foot or suffer from other common foot-related issues: bunions, high-instep, high-arch, or more. 

Luckily, at Easy Living Footwear, we meticulously measure our shoes to discover the proper fit for you and your feet - no matter what type you have. With our exacting and specific measurements, you'll be able to choose from a huge range of stylish, fashionable and comfy shoes. Wide, narrow, orthotic-friendly - you can pick precisely what's best for you, and still look great!

Wide Feet

Wide feet are often caused by flat arches. When people with fallen or flattened arches stand up, the curve of the foot collapses, which in turn makes the foot appear wider. There is nothing wrong with having a wide foot, but when you constantly try to squeeze into shoes that leave you in excruciating pain, it can very quickly become a problem. Wearing ill-fitting shoes with wide feet can lead to bunions and other bony bumps. 

If you have wide feet, we suggest you go for shoes that are expertly crafted with ample space. The main tips for selecting a shoe that works for your wide feet are:

  • Look for shoes with removable linings and insoles (e.g. orthotic shoes)

  • Choose shoes with a closure system (e.g. laces and velcro straps)

  • Select a shoe with a soft upper and wider sole (this will provide a more stable base)

  • Select shoes that are either open toe or have a ‘box’ finish (avoid pointy shoes)

Here are our top picks for shoes for wide feet:

The Cabello EG17 is a comfort leisure shoe with feature detailing uppers and zipper, lace-up closure, wider fitting and removable innersoles making it orthotic friendly and perfect for wide feet!

 The Audrey Avenue Bettina is a wide-foot  punched leather sandal, with a closed-in toe design at the front to allow the foot to breathe and a sling-back design at the back making it perfect for a wide foot.

The Romika 20702 features breathable textile uppers, a padded lightweight sole and easy to use toggle fastening making it an awesome shoe for wider feet.

Shop our full orthopedic range here. 

Narrow feet

But wide feet aren’t the only issue. People with narrow feet often have trouble getting their feet to fit regular shoes - narrow feet can also result in a heel that is much narrower than your forefoot. This can be quite an issue when you are looking for shoes, with only certain styles available in extra narrow. Regular width shoes often slip and slide and even fall off altogether. 

Luckily, there are shoes that can work for your narrow feet! The best rules to abide to when purchasing your next pair are the following:

  • Look for shoes with laces

  • Look for shoes with adjustable features (e.g. buckles, velcro, adjustable straps)

  • Closed shoes (minimise the amount of space you have to slip out)

  • Opt in for arch support, gel or heel inserts

Here are our top picks for shoes for narrow feet:

The Kroten Harajuku is perfect for a slim foot. With breathable uppers, a comfortable sole and laces, feel ensured these shoes won’t slip off!

The Frankie4 Maria  comfort slide features a contour footbed and dual straps over foot. These may seem scary for narrow feet in the absence of adjustable straps, but don’t worry! These have been designed by a Podiatrist- making them perfect for all foot sizes. 


Looking for a heel that finally fits you? The Neo ™-Syr 1904 features a soft, thick leather straps that holds the foot in place with the help from a modern, metallic buckle on the side that is not only practical but also adds style to this heel. The solid, block heel supports and stabilizes the foot whilst also providing the height you are after and ensures your narrow foot does not slip!

Discomfort with new shoes is acceptable at first because most shoes need some break-in time, but constant long-term discomfort means that the shoe is not suitable for your feet. Ensure your shoes are pain-free and fashionable, no matter your foot-type, at Easy Living Footwear.