Have you heard about the Aussie brands taking us by storm?!  We stock both the Frankie 4 and Rollie brands that are a social-media phenomenon, and we can barely keep them on the shelf!!!

Frankie 4 are designed by an Aussie Podiatrist and Physiotherapist.  Our customers are finding their superior comfort and custom-fit kits work a treat for all-day wear.  Our leisure styles in the Frankie 4 sell out every time they hit the shelf, and it's no wonder when they're this comfortable!!  They are functional, sleeker than a jogger, but offer comfort and support with great durability.  Bulk of the styles feature a removable innersole, making them orthotic-friendly.  The Frankie 4 winter range includes leisure wear, brogues and boots - check them out!!

Rollie are an innovative, Australian brand boasting super lightweight brogues and boots in a range of on-trend, fashionable designs that "travelers will love - they're lighter than two bananas!!".  These cool little lace-ups are proving popular in our stores. Jump online to see the funky designs!!

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See the range at  www.easylivingfootwear.com.au or call into your nearest store -
Tamworth, Dubbo, Bathurst and Junction Fair (Newcastle)

* Not all styles featured are available in every store.
Call your nearest store to confirm availability, or visit online for all sizes available company wide.