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Imagine you work as the founding Editor and Author of Spa & Wellness International magazine and website. Now, imagine you also act as a consultant in the spa industry where you trial different properties’ spa menus. Combine this with owning a fitness studio in your local area and raising three kids.

Seems pretty easy… said no-one ever. 

Meet Kris Abbey. This ambitious woman who does it all. 

You may recognise her as the gorgeous brunette from our recent social media images, or perhaps you’ve seen her on Instagram as @Spagirlkris. Either way, we were lucky enough to sit down with Kris and discuss all things wellness related.


So what does a typical week look like for a woman of many talents? 

“When I’m not travelling it’s actually pretty routine! I’m usually working on creating content and writing blogs for the magazine. I make sure my Mondays have no meetings so I can plan social posts for the week ahead. Then Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my meeting days and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings I lead fitness classes.”

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Due to the nature of the job, no week for Kris is ever the same.

“I could have a week working at home or simply be doing something with clients all around the world. My week may be filled with reviewing spa treatments or going to international media events or on conference calls with teams in Asia. Who knows!”  

But if you think receiving spa treatments came easily to Kris, think again. Her current profession and lifestyle is the result of setbacks, determination and hard work. 

As a child, Kris faced continuous health problems. Her days were filled with medical appointments and drug prescriptions. It wasn’t until her mum decided to take Kris to a naturopath when things started to finally change.

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“My naturopath was fantastic! For the first time in my life somebody explained to me the link between a healthy diet and your health. We successfully eliminated all the triggering foods from my diet that had shot my immune system into a million pieces. So, finally I started to feel better! I was just totally fascinated how this person could solve the issue that I had been suffering for years.”

“From then on I became obsessed with nutrition and healthy living and having this mind, body, balance. I knew this was my passion and I knew I wanted to share this with others. So I began teaching, consulting 1:1 and gradually took over my own brand. That’s pretty much how Spa Life magazine was born.”

Through her experience within the wellness industry, it’s clear Kris believes happiness and health has neither a ‘quick-fix’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, it comes down to only one element - you. 

“You need to listen to your body and find a balance that works for you. Not anyone else - you. I know that taking time out of my day to move my body and eat a salad not only is good for my body, but also doubles-up as the time I need to stay sane.” 

“You also can’t shy away from a challenge. Challenge yourself every day but end the day smiling. Don’t sweat the small stuff. People undermine how big the role of the mind is in health and wellbeing,” she says. 

Kris wearing Carmen from Neo. 

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