These feet are made for walking… so why do I have crippling blisters?

These feet are made for walking… so why do my arthritis and bunions prevent me from moving?

These feet are made for walking… so why are they in agonising pain? 

Let’s think about this for a second - try to imagine a life without functioning feet. It’s almost impossible! From walking the dog to driving a car, we rely on our feet for even the most basic of tasks.

But when our feet aren’t healthy, a simple trip to the grocery store can very quickly turn into an excruciating experience.

So if we know how important it is to have functioning feet, why do we treat them so terribly? Let’s be honest - we all wear ill-fitting shoes and pray the good old band-aid will do the trick. 

There’s a misconception that ‘beauty is pain’ - aching feet is the price you have to pay to wear a fashionable shoe. But what if we told you it’s possible to ease the pain and discomfort of many foot conditions, including arthritis, bunions and heel spurs, with a correctly sized shoe that still looks bangin’?


At Easy Living Footwear, we’re passionate about comfortable and supportive footwear that not only looks good, but makes your feet feel good too!

Here are some of our favourite foot-friendly shoes to shop this season: 


Amarante by Naot

Amarante has a velcro adjustable forefoot, instep, enclosed heel and removable inner-sole fit for orthotics. Shop Amarante now.

Ariel11 by Klouds

Ariel11 has velco adjustable straps and a removable rubber innersole to easy joint pain and allow for orthotics. Shop Ariel11 now.

 Miami by Revere

Miami has removable innersoles, velcro adjustable hook and loop straps, matching strap extensions and built in arch support. Shop Miami now.


Or maybe you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers but don’t know what to pair them with? We’ve got you covered too!

Ara 14418

Ara 14418 has intricate leather cut outs to allow your foot to breathe, a cushioned sole, stretchy leather uppers and a removal inner sole fit for orthotics. Pair with your favourite pair of white jeans and a loose linen blouse for the ultimate summer look. Shop Ara 14418 now.

You can shop our huge range of orthotic-friendly sandals and shoes in a variety of colours and styles from the comfort of your home. Feel satisfied knowing any shoes you purchase from the Frankie 4, KloudsNaotRevere and Ziera collections have built-in extra flexibility and support to cater to any lifestyle. 

Alternatively, if you live near one of our stores, feel free to come in for a custom fit! Our staff are committed to taking the time to ensure you and your shoes are a perfect match. 


These feet are made for walking. So that’s just what they’ll do. 


Why not make walking easy at Easy Living Footwear?