With the Festive season arriving among us, we are hurrying to tick off all the to-do lists, whiz through the shopping, wrap the presents, and somehow find time to relax on the big day. Here at Easy Living Footwear, we believe Christmas shouldn’t be overwhelming for the most part. Instead, it should be a fun, easy day, focusing on feeling your best and being surrounded by the people you love most!

But that's easier said than done. The trick to having a seamless Christmas party? Planning. With a bit of preparation and family involvement, we promise you can have a stress free Christmas this year. 

In this blog we take you through some tips and inspiration to the 4 main pillars of any Christmas Party: the food, the drinks, the decorations and most importantly- the outfit. 


Planning the food:

With the chaos of Christmas, it can be a big ask to cook for large gatherings and many family members. An idea to save you time is to ask each of your guests to bring a little something to the day. This will sort yourself a staple, simple yet flavoursome menu made with love from everyone who means the most to you! Donna Hay has some amazing Christmas feasts with a twist; from a classic glazed turkey, roasted potatoes, traditional pav to even gingerbread hearts which are so easy even the kids could make them!

We picked some of our favourite recipes from Donna Hay and wanted to share them here. Hopefully these give you some inspiration! 

Need a statement piece or a main course? Why not try this amazing Marmalade ham.

Classic Marmalade Ham:

Looking for side dishes that please the little ones and your tummy? Why not try these delicious crunchy potatoes and gorgeous summery salad?

Crunchy Roast Potatoes: 


Fig and Beetroot Salad: 



Now it’s time for the best part…dessert! If you want a more classic traditional dessert, the Christmas cake is probably perfect for you. Are you having a big Australian Christmas? Well, it’s not Aussie unless a Pav is present! Want to get the kids involved in the cooking? The gingerbread heart garlands are a perfect candidate!

Nanna’s Christmas Cake 


Classic Pavlova


Gingerbread Heart Garland 


Choosing your drinks: 

Now you’ve sorted your food, it’s time to sort the drinks.  When it’s this hot, we all crave a fruity, cool cocktail. Think summer vibes too! For the grown ups, this Rosehip, Raspberry and Blood Orange Cocktail seems like the perfect summer refreshment with just enough ‘wow factor’. 

Rosehip, Raspberry and Blood Orange Cocktail



Planning the decorations

Every good Christmas table has a plan and vision behind it. Pinterest is a great online media that allows you to search for style inspiration and themes. Sometimes looking at creative inspiration is all you need to design a KILLER table! 

So you’re feeling less frazzled before hand; ensure you stick to a simple colour theme, and impactful decorations. Our favourite Christmas theme at the moment is white, copper/silver sprinkled with some natural greens. They also photograph amazingly and will complement the no doubt vibrant outfits at family photo time. Try setting the table with some beautiful olive or magnolia leaves,  on crisp white cloth and silver cutlery; elevated with sparkling fairy lights. Here are some examples to get you started:


Planning your outfit:

And finally our favourite bit! The outfit- which of course includes the shoes! You want to feel comfortable on this long festive day; after all there will be endless dancing, running after the kids and photos. We want you to look and feel your best. Our EasyLiving shoes are the perfect companion of any outfit. With endless colour schemes, styles and fits, we have something for everyone. 

One of the first styles on this year's wish list are the Audrey Avenue Fashion sandals. Lined with leather and cushioning for comfort, feel chic and sophisticated; as these platforms will elevate any look. We suggest pairing with a flowy maxi dress or elegant pants and blouse. 

Or maybe you want something a tad more fancier? For a heel which offers subtle sophistication and endless styling opportunities , try our diverse (but all equally beautiful) heel range. Here's a couple of our faves right now.

Pictured left to right: Zeta Beth, Audrey Avenue Ray, Django and Juliette Brady

Lastly, for those outdoor Christmas parties, you can never go wrong stepping foot in a straw espadrille.  A supportive choice for your ankles; and up to you whether you want to sport a wedge with a dotty print or lay it back with a beige tone for that elegant summery look. 

Pictured left to right: Neo Malenda, Zeta Sky, Zeta Swoon

Hopefully the above recommendations will help you feel more relaxed this Chrissy. And if you’re looking for a present to get for that Aunty you never know what to buy for - we know a great shoe shop who will do the trick ;). 

Find your perfect fit at Easy Living Footwear.