Pictured: Sonja working her magic at our recent photoshoot. Wearing Bianca sandals by Saimon in red.

An average day for Sonja Parker starts like any other mum. 

She gets up early, makes her kids breakfast, and then takes them to school. Next is work time, followed by some ‘me-time’ that usually consists of a walk, yoga or a jog. Then it’s school pick-up time, household chores and dinner. 

On any given day, you’ll find Sonja in a casual outfit and comfortable sport shoes with a bag full of seemingly ordinary things - reading glasses, a lipstick, wallet, keys, tissues and occasionally some pick-me-up sweets. 

But when she isn’t on mum-duty or in active-wear, you’ll find Sonja in front of a camera in full glam doing what she loves- modelling.

Pictured: Sonja wearing the TMSYR by Neo.

Born in The Netherlands, Sonja grew up with a love for travel, in fact she was a flight attendant for over a decade! During this time when based in London, she met her Aussie husband and made the move to Australia in 2005. Once they settled, Sonja was forced to make a career change and entered into the care-worker industry.

“I now work part time as a Community Support Worker. Essentially I go to people’s homes and make their lives and family lives easier. But considering that is part-time, it made me want to do more. And so, the idea of modelling was born.”

Pictured: Sonja wearing the Hawaii Sandals by Silver Lining.

But to Sonja, who is now 49, modelling isn’t just about taking some photos and getting the job done.  As she shares her story effortlessly between takes for our latest photo-shoot, it’s clear that modelling for Sonja means much more, it is a powerful vehicle for her age-positivity message. 

“I love being a mature model as it shows people that real beauty, style and the fashion industry is ageless. I want everyone to view age as a wonderful thing- to love your wrinkles and your rich experience of life. I wish to inspire other women my age or older, and even those younger than me, that there is a beautiful fashion for everyone.” 

But surely there is a secret to having that much self-confidence and determination? We expect an answer found in a disciplined workout schedule, diet and years of personal therapy. 

Yet Sonja provides us instead with a simple and grounded answer. Sonja’s recipe for a healthy and happy relationship with yourself is...well, that there’s ultimately no fixed recipe at all.

“By getting older I can see how fast life goes by. I now know to live easy, to really take a step back and see if I haven't overscheduled myself. No matter what, I ensure I make time for me every day, to do something that’s healthy. 

“You must enjoy the quiet times in life and learn to not overfill it with the complicated things. All it takes is 5 minutes. If you’re getting overwhelmed, go outside, take a breath. Life is short, so take some time out, and enjoy it.” She said.

Pictured: Sonja in Jazmin by Django and Juliette.

Sonja’s experiences can teach us many things, but the key takeaways are that there is no one way to live life, no age limit to stop wearing certain clothes or to feel comfortable in your own skin, no age-limit to try a new career and do something that you want to do for you.  There is no reason for you to stress the small things when there's so much more in the world to care about. Find a way for you to feel comfortable with your choices and fit within your own ideal of life.

We think it’s safe to say the only ‘perfect fit’ in life comes from a newly purchased pair of shoes. 

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