Shop Winter 2021 Shoe Trends

Well, here we are again.

It’s June, and as we move into the second half of the year, opportunities arrive. You may or may not be a winter kind of person, but we love what it brings for those who love experimental fashion! Winter aesthetics and outfits have a unique appeal and a cosy, empowering feel to them, giving everyone the chance to put on an outfit that challenges the might of the elements. And what outfit is complete without shoes? Well, let the Easy Living Footwear team worry about that, get comfortable as we take a dive into Winter Aesthetics of 2021. 

Zeta Malo

Frosty plains - Zeta Malo

The most common kind of frost in Australia is White (or Hoar) Frost, formed when the ground stops radiating heat overnight, and water vapour settles onto the ground, now freezing in temperature, creating a thin layer of ice on the ground. These conditions are familiar to all who live in Southern Australia, setting out with frost on the ground and a misty breath. To conquer that cold crispy challenge, you need a bold and warm shoe to help you out.

Presenting the Zeta Malo, an ankle boot perfectly designed for rugged outdoorsmanship without sacrificing style. A traction sole will crush any frost underfoot while the faux fur lining keeps the cold from piercing the gorgeous leather frame.

Cabello EG51

Freezing Rainforest - Cabello EG51

Did you know, in the mid-cretaceous period approximately 100 million years ago, Australia and Antarctica were a part of the same continent. This continent was covered in temperate rainforests, similar to those found in the present day blue mountains. These forests would freeze in the winter as month long nights set in, and many exotic dinosaur species thrived in these unusual circumstances.

Channel the history of our continents biodiversity, with the Cabello EG51. This shoe is a sturdy sneaker, with flexible-yet-strong materials that let you wander the wildest bushwalk paths without blistering up, with a gorgeous black leather reptilian aesthetic to remind you of the creatures that walked the same paths millions of years prior.

Ara 48501

Blankets by the fireplace - Ara 48501

Not everyone is built for the winter climate, so there’s no shame in preferring to stay indoors. That’s why NSW evenings are scented by the homely smoke of the neighbourhood fireplaces. For best results, use a hardwood such as maple or oak, these woods are densely packed so they will burn hotter and longer, but they require high heat to properly burn so use a base of smaller sticks to get it going.

When it comes to picking a shoe for those stay-at-home evenings, you need something that puts comfort first. We recommend the Ara 48501, a gorgeous ankle boot with a wool lining for warmth and outer zipper for accessibility, as well as a padded insole, so you don’t have to switch shoes to go and get more firewood from the shed.

Django Juliette Demanse

Urban Twilight - Django Juliette Demanse

In the big cities and towns that litter the Australian coastline, the evening rush is a little different in winter. As you leave the climate controlled office you are struck with the sudden chill of a sunless sky.

As people in jeans and suits powerwalk to their car or nearest public transport stop to get home and get warm, those who came prepared in boots and puffer jackets laugh to themselves as they take a leisurely stroll home. To encompass the urban feel, we recommend the Django Juliette Demanse. This is a standout design of a heel that perfectly pairs with jeans or dress pants, supported by a double zip and a smooth stacked heel for extra points. 

Whatever your needs or preference, let us help you stay safe and warm at Easy Living Footwear.