5 essential shoes for a year-round wardrobe

Gone are the days of 'winter shoes' and 'summer shoes'. 

Good quality shoe brands will create shoes that offer where-ability, flexibility and comfort all year round. For example, whilst a pair of boot's closed toe nature may feel more wintery, their designs, materials and details should offer breathability and comfort for the warmer months too. 

Easy Living Footwear features an abundance of shoes ready to be worn to death all year round. Our sneakers, boots, brogues, heels and more can be worn dressed up or down, paired with jeans or a summery dress, and made with the highest degree of care and quality. 

Here are our top 5 favourites for wearable shoes no matter the season (and guess what? Shoes 2-5 are 30% off!).

1. Pikolinos 8636


At first, you may just see Winter. But what is the secret ingredient in these Pikolinos boots that make them an all-year rounder? They're TAN! Tan is the perfect colour to wear on summery, warm nights. Pair with your going out dress or long skirt for the perfect, country-inspired outfit. 25% off now. 


2. Audrey Avenue Anna

Everyone needs a white sneaker. Style her in a long dress on a 30 degree day or with tight black skinny jeans for the perfect Autumn look. 30% off now. 


3. Audrey Avenue Mia


No matter the occasion or season, leopard print should be involved. The Audrey Avenue Mia's are sensible, light-weight and a bit sassy. Perfect for your mood in June all the way to December. 30% off. 

4. Audrey Avenue Alison 

In Autumn, Red represents leaves. In Winter, Red represents mulled wine. In Spring, Red represents flowers. And in Summer, Red represents a passionate Summer romance. But what does Red represent all year? Audrey Avenue Alison, thats what! Shop her for 30% off. 

5. Audrey Avenue Ecco 


 Audrey Avenue Ecco is a classic style with a bit of a twist. The black and white detailing makes Ecco as versatile as they come. Dress her up for those sleek Winter nights, or pair her with white linen pants for the perfect Summer picnic look. 30% off. 

Find your perfect all-year fit at Easy Living Footwear.