A Tribute to Olivia

I am sure many of you were saddened to hear of the loss of Olivia Newton -John.

As many of you know I don't often write about my personal life, but Olivia holds
a special place in my heart. In 2005 Olivia along with 4 friends opened the Gaia
Wellness Retreat in Bryon Bay. Without the help and guidance provided by the
team at Gaia, there probably would not be an Easy Living Footwear today.

I visited there in 2006 not long after it opened. I was seriously ill with Lupus
a debilitating auto-immune disease for which the only treatment available was a
cocktail of steroids. I could not live on this medication without long term side effects,
so began to look into alternate therapy options. I had heard good things about Gaia
so booked myself in without really knowing what to expect.

The team at Gaia were handpicked natural therapists, spiritual healers, nutritionist,
yoga and meditation professionals that worked with me personally to teach
me how to boost my immune system to live pain free. I embraced
this learning as I was determined to improve my quality of life. I had big ideas for
Easy Living but knew I couldn't achieve this without getting my health on track.

They sent me home with a hand written manual on how to live my life
the natural way. I did exactly what they said and over time was able to ease myself
off all steroid medication. I have continued to visit Gaia each year and was
lucky enough to meet Olivia when she was visiting the retreat. She was the
most beautiful, humble lady I have ever met. She lit up the room when she walked in.
Her passion was the ONJ Foundation Fund, this is an organisation founded by Olivia
that raise funds to research kinder treatment for cancer with plant medicine.

It’s for this reason that every shoe sale from now until
Sunday 14th August, Easy Living Footwear will
donate $5 to the foundation.

There are very few people that cancer has not touched in some way, so
let’s get behind Olivia’s dream. Spoil yourself with a new pair of shoes
plus help grow her legacy.

We will keep you all posted with a daily tally ,so come on ladies lets raise
as much as we can. Roger and I are kicking off the fundraiser with $500 so jump
online or instore and buy those shoes that you have been wanting.

Robyn McLennan
Owner of Easy Living Footwear