Best Sneakers for Autumn

Autumn in Australia is unpredictable. One day you might be sweltering and the next you're shivering and hiding from the rain. That's why at Easy Living Footwear we like to say goodbye to summer sandals and fancy heels, and hello to comfortable sneakers.

Whether you're spending Autumn running around doing errands or kicking back at home as you binge your favourite TV shows, a comfortable pair of sneakers is a practical option for foot protection. By now you probably know that at Easy Living Footwear we believe that no one should have to compromise style for comfort when it comes to footwear. So, we've decided to pick out our 5 Best Sneakers for Autumn that perfectly balance style and comfort. Sit down, relax, and enjoy learning about our 5 most fashionable and comfortable sneakers:


Django & Juliette - Diala 



This fun and colourful sneaker by Django & Juliette gives purpose to footwear. With genuine leather upper and inner linings, you can expect perfect breathability and a close fit that will keep your feet feeling comfortable snug in these stunning white sneakers. Featuring removable inner soles, Diala by Django & Juliette is one of our ever-popular orthotic friendly shoe styles.


If you are on the hunt for comfortable sneakers that you can wear in any weather and on any occasion, Diala by Django & Juliette might just be your best bet. The colourful love heart detailing perfectly elevates these fun and funky white sneakers to become a talking point wherever you walk. Plus, Autumn weather can always use a bit of colour to brighten the days.


Propet Travel Fit W/Proof

Did someone say wet weather? Just as well these Travel Fit shoes by Propet are waterproof! Featuring a waterproof membrane, this simple black sneaker will keep you comfortable while looking sleek on your feet. If you're on your feet all day, these sneakers are going to be your new best friend. With high performance co-molded rubber and an EVA midsole the Propet Travel Fit provides comfort, flexibility, traction and durability for long lasting support. 

We love the way that the elastic lace up front and heel pull tab allows you to slip your foot in with ease making it the perfect pair of sneakers to use on the go. Whether you want them to become your comfortable work sneakers or just your every day shoes, the Propet Travel Fit is ready and waiting to be yours!


EOS Icon

An everyday sneaker with a stylish finish, the EOS Icon is easily in our Top 5 Best Sneakers for Autumn. Whether you opt for the navy or the tan style, you will find the perfect balance between fashion and comfort with this comfortable sneaker. The EOS Icon allows you to slip your foot into the sneaker with ease through the size zipper and then perfect the fit with the laces.

The EOS Icon provides all day comfort with its inner soles, or if you need orthotics you can easily remove them to put in your orthotics. As versatile as they are fashionable, you can't go wrong with these sleek sneakers.


Frankie 4 Jackie

These stunningly feminine sneakers by Frankie 4 are uniquely stunning and equally comfortable. The clever bow-styled laces add a ballerina-like edge, tying gorgeous femininity into every step you take in them. Paired with a clean pair of denim jeans and a sleek blouse, the Frankie 4 Jackie are the perfect shoe for taking on all of your Autumn adventures. 


As always, you can guarantee all day comfort with Frankie4 shoes on your feet, with a cushioned and supportive foot bed that cradles the foot. The Frankie 4 Jackie are definitely a must-have this Autumn!


Ara 34499

If you're looking for comfortable sneakers with a bit of edge this Autumn, then the Ara 34499 are definitely worth your time. Available in either Black or Pewter, these edgy sneakers have high tops that will leave you feeling safe and secure with every step you take without compromising on style. We love the wet-look print especially for those rainy Autumn days where your shines are going to shine with or without you stepping in puddles.


High top sneakers are a great example of the combination of style and comfort producing awesome shoes. The edgy Ara 34499 sneakers are safely secure in our Top 5 Best Sneakers for autumn.


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