Casual Comfort: Our Top Athleisure picks

Even with the crazy 2020, more than ever our busy and hectic lives demand clothes and shoes that scream comfort and practicality. 

But of course by now you have realised at Easy Living footwear, giving up style is not an option. We don't believe that comfort should be a trade off with fashionable. But this then does beg the question-  how do we combine fashion and function together to create a stylish and modern but totally wearable and comfortable look?

The answer? Athleisure shoes. 

For some of you, this may ring a bell. But for others, the phrase might not ring one at all. Essentially, athlesiure is the technical art of turning performance wear into everyday wear (but rest assured, it's a slight step above from wearing gym/active wear out for every dinner...although we are all guilty of that)! 

Luckily, at Easy Living Footwear, we have a range of athleisure shoes that do exactly the above and more. SO we've gathered our favourite top picks for you to browse through! These shoes will: 

  1. Support you all day, every day - choosing brands that put your comfort and health first is a must. We've considered shoes and brands that offer orthotic-friendly styles, or are known to have worked with podiatrists and physiotherapists.

  2. Wick away moisture and keep your feet fresh, consider an active shoe that uses soft materials such as light-weight dual mesh, natural leather and breathable fabric.

Here are our favourites.

Cabello EG1570

This hi top sneaker is a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. The traditional lace up front can be used to ensure the shoes fit securely, while the side zip and be used to take the shoe on and off. Why have we included this in our athleisure top picks? Because the additional padding at the ankle cuff and tongue of the shoe provide all day comfort! 

Audrey Avenue Deanna

This everyday sneaker will provide you with functionality and comfort you crave and need all day long. The cleated soles help maintain grip while creating a statement!

Why have we included in our top picks for athleisure shoes? Because as soon as those laces have been tightened to your preference you can then use the twin zippers to take the shoes off! The innersoles can be removed making these shoes orthotic friendly. Wear these shoes with jeans and a tee for an everyday simple look.

Propet Travel Fit

This shoe is the definition of athlesiure. It is a touch classier then your traditional gym/runner shoes, but carries the same comfort (if not more)! Benefits of these shoes includes:
  • Precision knit seamless upper with mesh lining
  • Adjustable elastic lacing with toggle
  • Firm heel counters reduce foot fatigue with padded collar
  • Rejuve Motion Technology footbed with nylon sock lining
  • High performance co-molded rubber and EVA midsole provides
    comfort, flexibility, traction and durability for long lasting support.


We carry a MASSIVE selection of athleisure shoes and more on our site. These 3 choices are only the tip of the iceberg! Shop our extensive range at Easy Living Footwear.