Find Your New Favourite Sneakers

Summer is here, adventures are underway! Whether you're going on long hikes with your bestie or just running the new-year errands, you're going to want to do everything you can to protect your feet.

We know that sometimes your feet just aren’t quite prepared to walk around in
beautiful heels all day, and that’s okay! Just because you love fashion does not mean that you have to throw on a pair of heels to tie your outfit together. If anything, we encourage the complete opposite! Fashion lovers, we’ve got news for you: there are so many fashionable sneakers that you can wear to your next big event without any blisters forming.

So, we have pulled together a list of some of our favourite sneakers for any occasion, with some veering towards more comfort than fashion, and others perfect for a classy luncheon. So without further ado, here are our recommendations for your Summer sneaker wardrobe additions:


For every outfit

Two legs from ankle down with red pants at white sneakers. Ocean pool in background

Some people have a different pair of shoes for every outfit and others opt to pick shoes that compliment as many outfits as possible. If you’re looking for more versatile shoes, here are three of our favourite sneakers that are subtle enough to wear day after day without anyone noticing:


DjangoJuliette Finni 

Navy Sneaker with white soleThese straight fitting sneakers have a sleek mid platform to add some height to your outfit without compromising on comfort. Navy and white is a classic combo allowing for easy pairing with any colour combination. Pair the Django and Juliette Finni with a classy black dress or white jeans and a colourful blouse to take on the day!


Django Juliette Huston Navy

Navy sneaker with white sole

The Huston is a simple summer sneaker that will elevate any outfit. The lace-up front allows you to slip this sneaker on with ease and tighten to your perfect fit, which is great for those days when you’re running late! Once again, the navy and white combo is super high fashion right now making it the perfectly suitable shoe for any outfit.


Josef Seibel 66706

White sneaker with rose gold finishings

Josef Seibel has a tendency to bring out shoes that are perfect for literally any outfit, without compromising on comfort or style. The 66706 pairs the stunning rose gold finish with subtle laser cut designs adding a unique edge that sets them apart without making a statement thanks to the dominance of the white.  

Sneakers that make a statement

Colourful sneakers with light blue jeans dangling over a grass lawn

Subtlety isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, and we love bright shoes so much that we can’t resist showing off these awesome bright Summer sneakers:


Ara 18846

Camel coloured sneaker with iridescent red yellow section

These perfectly bold sneakers by Ara have the unique ability to make people notice and admire them, even though they’re at least 1 metre away! The camel upper of the 18846 perfectly contrasts with the iridescent side panels, creating an eye-catching design. The chunky sole also adds height while helping you stay comfortable all day long.


Top End Kala Fuschia

Pink sneakers with white sole

We love Top End’s Kala in Fuschia so much that we could write a full blog about her!  Kala is a sleek pink sneaker with a punched upper helping to create a stunning Summer feel while providing the luxury of keeping your feet cool. 


Rollie Prime

Colourful dotted sneaker with green, blue and yellow dots and a gold feature

Rollie Nation produce lightweight shoes created and designed in Melbourne. The Prime sneaker in Swing colouring will do the talking for you at your next lunch date, with the perfect colour combination of ocean blues and greens and a touch of yellow and gold. It would pair perfectly with a simple outfit such as white jeans and a black blouse, allowing the bold sneaker to stand out and make a statement.

Comfy yet Classy Sneakers

Two pink sneakers with sand underneath

If you’re going to a classy luncheon or a fancy party but aren’t in the mood for throwing on high heels, there is no need to panic! Thankfully, there are many talented designers out there who have re-conceptualised sneakers in a way that allows them to be worn as proudly and confidently as heels due to luxury look and feel. Here are three of our faves:


Laura Vita Clcaudieo 012

White sneaker with flower toes

Laura Vita’s white floral Clcaudieo 012 is perfect for your fancier occasions, bringing a classy Summer aesthetic to a comfy sneaker. Complemented by the predominantly white design, the touch of colour on the toes adds an element of individuality and pizazz to the Clcaudieo 012's, with the low block heel adding the right amount of height to elevate your entire outfit.


Top End Krista

Ballerina pink sneaker with soft ribbon laces

We consider the Krista a sneaker version of the most stunning ballet shoes. The warm rose upper paired with a delicate ribbon in lieu of traditional laces transforms this sneaker into a classy option to match an elegant black dress. Top End’s Krista will add class and style to any outfit without making you compromise on comfort. 


Top End Orson

Open designed light brown sneaker with lazer cut designs

The open design of Orson makes it sleek yet comfortable, especially on those warmer Summer days. The bold white wedge helps it pass the classy shoe test, while the lace-up design paired with the stylish Café coloured exterior screams comfort. Top End has a tendency to perfect the combination of style and comfort, and we love it!

This Summer, make sure you don’t compromise comfort for fashion. We are home to a large variety of shoes that will help you look great while supporting your feet all day long.