Find Your Perfect Fit Sandals

If there is one thing  that we emphasise here at Easy Living Footwear, it’s that you should never have to skip out on comfort just to look good. That’s why we have compiled this list of sandals that blend comfort and style. As the weather begins to warm and our feet begin to swell in boots, we start to reach for our comfiest sandals. 

The beauty of sandals other than the comfort has to be the serious variety of colours, shapes and styles. There are sandals that buckle or zip, velcro or button up - There are sandals in all the colours of the rainbow or in full black or white for a subtler appearance. We seriously can’t get enough of them. 

So, with all of that in mind, we have picked out our most stylish sandals and ordered them in terms of comfort preference - For those with narrow feet, those with wide feet, the orthotic wearer or the light treader.

Extra Wide Sandals

When you’re shoe shopping the first thing to consider is how a show fits the length of your foot. But there’s nothing more frustrating than putting on the perfect looking shoe for you only to notice the way it squishes the side of your foot. Sandals are wonderful in their open designs, allowing you to move more freely than other shoe styles while offering optimal support. These sandals that we have picked out are perfect for extra-wide footed people, as they are fitted with elastic collars and flexible fabrics to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.


Sandal 1: Klouds Ariel II

These simple yet classic sandals are perfect for an every day look filled with comfort. The two thick adjustable velcro straps make it ideal for anyone with a wide foot, allowing for customisable sizing around the width of your foot. Klouds Ariel II is the perfect blend of comfort and style that we are loving this Spring!


Shoe 2:  Josef Seibel- 78810

This colourful sandal features an elastic side gusset to allow for wider feet to feel supported, with a luscious padded footbed leaving you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. The velcro closure makes them the perfect shoe to slip on and go.


Shoe 3: Naot Enid

This sleek sandal is perfect for Springtime adventures that won’t leave your feet raw. The design incorporates a velcro strap to make them easy to slip on as you’re heading out the door, and helps customise the sizing to cater to wider feet.


Sandals for Narrow Feet

We feel as though our narrow footed friends are often outspoken, so this one’s for them! If you feel like your feet are swimming in most of your shoes you might also be familiar with muscle strain and pain in your toes and arch. With comfort at the forefront of our mind, we’ve pulled together some of our easy-to-adjust shoes to help improve the fit and ensure your shoes deliver you maximum comfort.


 Zeta Roxet

Whether you’re looking for a bold silvery ‘stone’ coloured sandal, or a more subtle ‘tan’, the Zeta Roxet is the perfect shoe. With two adjustable straps, it’s easy to customise sizing to make your foot feel comfortably snug in this stylish sandal. This strappy slide with an integrated toe piece will bring a hint of luxury to all your outfits.

Chrissie Delany

We love the versatility of the Delany Sandal. This sophisticated thong has adjustable buckle closures to help keep your foot secure and easy to be slipped on, making it the perfect option for a narrow-footed person looking to optimise the fit for comfort. With the slightest heel, you’ll elevate any outfit you pair these glorious sandals with. 


Django & Juliette Silas

An elegant slide that features espadrille stitching, making it stand out in a beautiful way. The strappy leather uppers help to hold your feet in while keeping them comfortable - a perfect addition to any narrow footed person’s wardrobe. Mixing class and casual we seriously can’t get enough of Silas!

Sandals for Orthotics

We know how hard it can be when you realise that you can’t wear your favourite pair of shoes anymore, because you can’t fit your orthotics. Well, the good news is that there are so many orthotic friendly shoes to choose from. We’ve picked our top 3 sandals that blend style with practicality for our orthotic-requiring friends to keep you fashionably comfortable this Spring.

Naot Lamego

This sandal is seriously stylish with a cheeky heel to elevate you off the ground without you even noticing. They have your comfort in mind as the leather straps combine to help keep your feet comfortable and secure while the style incorporates the versatility of allowing you to wear orthotics.


Klouds Gael


With a bit more of a heel than some of the other sandals in this collection, the Gael can easily be dressed up for work or dressed down for a casual lunch date. She’s elegant with her black suede exterior while allowing for the luxury of incorporating your orthotics to maximise your comfort and support as you wear these shoes all day everyday. 

Taos Pioneer

This sophisticated sandal may just be the sandal of your dreams. Providing the best arch and metatarsal support to keep you comfortable, it allows for the addition of orthotics if you requite them. The suede feeling foot bed and leather straps will perfectly mold to your feet for a perfect fit. You won’t want to take them off!