How to Buy Shoes Online

There are two kinds of people when it comes to having to buy shoes online: Either you’re excited about the fact that you don’t have to spend hours trying on every single shoe only to leave with one pair OR you’re terrified the shoes will arrive at your doorstep and not be what you were expecting. 

The good news is, only one of those has any footing to stand on! If you’re looking to buy shoes online in Australia, there are just a few small tips that we think you might benefit from to help you nail your online shopping experience. And trust us, it’s not as hard as you might think. To support those of you who are very new to the online shoe shopping experience, we’ve put together a help guide on how to purchase shoes online from Easy Living Footwear. You can also check it out at the bottom of this blog.

Once you’ve worked out how to actually shop online, these hot tips will help you get the best experience out of shopping online:

Check the Size Guide

If you can’t physically go into the store to try on the shoes, it’s important to reference the size guide. While a shoe sizing chart isn’t going to be 100% accurate due to manufacturer’s each having their own size scale, it can definitely help you get as close to a perfect fit as you can. 

The best thing about shopping online at a reliable shoe store such as Easy Living Footwear, is that you can count on the fact that they will always honour their returns policy. Make sure you check that you can return items if they turn up and don’t quite fit right before making your purchase.

Know the Returns Policy

It is often as simple as googling “[Store name] Online Return Policy” to find out what you can expect if you aren’t completely happy with your order upon its arrival. Make sure you keep in mind any return time frames and terms and conditions  so that you can act in a timely manner if you have to.

At Easy Living Footwear, if you get the wrong size, we make it easy to exchange. All you have to do is place an order for the correct size, and file a request for return on the first purchase. We’ll do our best to support you in your online shopping experience.

Don’t Order Last Minute

Depending on shipping delays and stock supplies, if you’re ordering shoes for Spring in November, you might want to reconsider and prep for Summer instead! While this isn’t necessarily a life changing concept, it is definitely important to think about when you want shoes for, and when they will definitely arrive by. With online shopping on the rise, the posties are flat out - and it would be heartbreaking if you ordered shoes specifically for a Brunch date for next weekend and they arrive two days later. 

Shopping online couldn’t be much easier. Follow these quick tips to make sure you get the best online shopping experience that you can, and have a read of Easy Living Footwear’s how-to guide if you’re struggling to make your first online purchase.