For even the most neat and practical people in the world- their shoe collections can easily become out of hand. Although shoes are truly spectacular (and we will always continue to buy them!), we think we can all admit that shoes can get messy and disorganised quicker than almost anything else. 

We don’t blame you- you get home from a long day and all you want to do is kick your shoes off somewhere in the dark closet, turn the light off and go to bed. But it’s the rushed mornings when you wake up in a hurry already late for work (and then spend 10 minutes shovelling in your closet to find the left shoe you chucked away the night previously) that inspired us to find a solution. 

It's time to stop tripping over your heels or digging through mismatched sneakers every time you want to leave the house and look presentable for society. Here are our best tips and creative ways you can organise your shoe mess- and ensure you are keeping your house (and sanity) clear.


We’ve got one thing to say to you: fight the instinct to chuck your shoes on the floor. Not only does it make your living space messy, but it also makes it 10x harder to find where your shoes are located and they are more likely to get beat up when you’re constantly searching through them on the floor. 

A great way to stop yourself from doing this, is investing in some sturdy (but extremely aesthetic) shoe organisers. And we’re not talking about just your traditional shelves. Investing in appliances like shoe ladders and closet dividers do wonders.



You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put something like a shoe ladder together. Grab a hammer, some wood and get those creative juices flowing! Want to add some colour? Paint it something bright! No matter what you choose, having something like this to store your shoes is as much of a feature as it  is practical!



Another great way to keep your shoes off the floor is a shoe divider to place in your wardrobe! Want to keep your shoes hidden and out of sight? Instead of chucking them into the dark corner of your closet (that doubles up as a vortex), invest in these handy dividers to store your favourite light-weight shoes



As any organization pro would tell you, it’s definitely harder to pick our clothes and accessories when you don’t know what you’re looking at. Stuffing everything you see in a tub or shoe bin makes it impossible to imagine your outfit options. 

When it comes to organising shoes, we say go with transparent plastic boxes or shoe bings. They are stackable (so neat too then!) and extremely practical when it comes to planning your outfits effectively each morning. 



This tip seems obvious, doesn’t it? But here's the catch- when most people store their shoes, they store them by styles. Think: Heels, Sneakers, Sandals and Boots. That works well in theory, but what if you wear a pair of your sneakers as much as you wear a pair of your boots, and then before you know it all your styles are jumbled due to the business of day to day life!


We recommend storing your shoes like this: 


  • the shoes you wear all the time, and;
  • the shoes you wear less frequently!


Then, in these groups, categorize the remaining everyday shoes even further. Shoes you wear to work should be in one group and shoes you wear on the weekend in another etc. Hot Tip: the less you wear a shoe, the higher you place it on the shelf (keep the shoes you wear the most extremely accessible to avoid jumbling). 

So there it is- 5 easy and practical ways to organise your shoe collection! 


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