How To Spoil Your Mum This Mother's Day

There is something so special about mothers. They are the person you turn to when you have incredible news, or when you have the opposite. They are the ones you call when you need a pick me up, or when you are in need of  a great, big rant. 

We should celebrate our mums every day of the year, but when Mother's Day rolls around, we should celebrate them more than ever. 

Unfortunately, current circumstances means Mother's Day looks a little different this year. We may not be able to go visit our mums as easily as we did in 2019, or years of traditions may be disrupted. 

Luckily- we are here again with our weekly social-distancing tips and tricks! This time we are presenting to you some awesome ideas and suggestions to spoil your mum (or partner, wife, significant other, guardian or any mother you know!) this Mother’s Day at home.


Who doesn’t love getting pampered? For some of us, it’s been a while since we’ve got our hair done or invested in a manicure. Or maybe you are really craving a facial? 

Setting up a spa day for your mum is the perfect way to spoil her this Sunday. It’s also a great way to enjoy her company and mix up the current boredom! 

It all begins with the beauty products! Head to your local chemist and purchase some (or all!) of the following for the most indulgent spa experience:

  • Face Mask: Give mum the facial she deserves!
  • Hair Mask: The current climate can dry our hair easily. Leaving in a hair mask for 10 minutes can return the volume and life to our locks we used to know! We know your mum would appreciate this!
  • Oil: Who could say no to a massage? Investing in an organic oil is the perfect addition for  turning you into a  one time masseuse!
  • Nail Polish: Treat mum to a new pedicure and manicure! Why not mix it up and choose a bright, new colour- or play it safe with a light, neutral pink. 

Don’t forget some candles, flowers and red wine too!


Normally have an annual family photograph on Mother’s Day?

Don’t stop this year- just spice it up this time! 

It all starts with finding the perfect location. Now normally we would recommend you think of somewhere that means something to you and her. Maybe it’s a local park? Or maybe it’s a hiking spot? Wherever it is, current times don’t really allow you to easily set up a full photoshoot wherever you want. 

So instead, why not bring the outside in? Have fun with it! Head to the local $2 store to pick up some props. Maybe it’s some fake plants? Or maybe if you have an amazing garden, buy some funny masks or outfits to make this year’s family photo stand out! Get the kids and grandkids involved too! 

In terms of the photographer, you don’t need one! That may sound odd for a photoshoot, but if you have a self-timer (available on 98% of smart phones and cameras) and a tripod or phone holder, set it up and capture your family hands-free! 

Bonus points if you both do some beauty-prep before the big day. The spa/pamper day for your mum is perfect to help you beautify yourselves the night before.

And voila! A perfect photo-shoot while still obeying social-distancing rules!



Last year celebrations may have included going to  a restaurant or cafe with the whole family, and it may be disheartening this year if that experience can’t be replicated  on Mother’s Day. 

But if we think about it for a second- isn’t a home-cooked meal so much more special?

There aren’t too many things more feminine than a high tea...perfect for Mother’s Day! Why not invite your mother for morning tea and surprise her with a decorated table outside in the garden featuring yummy high tea treats? 

For decorations, think flowers, pastel pinks, greens and yellows. Get out your best cutlery too! Even think about going a step further with name tags! How cute!

For food, think about sandwich fingers, scones with jam and cream, fruit, sponge cake, macaroons and more! 

If you’re lacking inspiration, here are some awesome high tea examples below:



Can you name a woman who hates shoes? No, actually really think about it...we don’t think they exist! If you are rushed for time, or can’t think of the perfect gift this year, why not go with a brand new pair of shoes. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we are offering a huge 30% off our Rieker and Ara brands in-store and online. But that’s not all- the rest of the site (minus Frankie4 and Arcopedio) are 25% off!

If there was ever a time to buy mum a new pair of boots, sneakers, flats, or all three, it’s now. 

Here are a couple of our favourites:

Pictured: Django & Juliette Jena

Pictured: Cabello 6507-08

Pictured: Audrey Avenue Denver


Pictured: Easy Living Lotus

Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with Easy Living Footwear.