How to Style Bright Shoes

If there’s one thing that excites us about Summer wardrobes, it is the increased bursts of colour on the street. The sun is blaring and the outfits are filled with noticeably brighter colours. But, take into account the increasing temperatures, and suddenly you’re dreading putting on those old sneakers of yours. Well, if you’re looking for new shoes that allow your feet to breathe whilst offering an exciting edge to any outfit, look no further! We have a magnificent collection of bright coloured shoes for your perusal.

This then begs the bigger question, what clothing will I pair my new favourite pair of shoes with? We’ve got you covered, with this simple guide on how to style bright shoes:

Pretty in Pink


We are obsessed with Top End’s latest addition to our shelves: Kala in fuschia. She’s loud, she’s confident, and she’s begging for attention. While her cousin offers more subtlety in navy, her bright fuschia exterior blends in neatly with the white sole to make her the perfect colourful addition to your wardrobe. Kala is a sleek pink sneaker with a punched upper helping to create a stunning summer feel to the sneaker while keeping your feet cool.

Okay, so: you have just bought the perfect pair of bright pink sneakers, why don’t you let the whole world know? Own your favourite colour, and dazzle any crowd with a sophisticated outfit in 50 Shades of Pink. It goes without saying that Kala is comfy to wear on those long days while remaining stylish enough to wear to the office (dress-code permitting), so we’ve pulled together a couple of outfit mood boards for you to use as inspiration for your look. Pink monochrome suits are so in style right now, for both a sleek office outfit, as well as a classy everyday look if you’re planning to let the world know you mean business.

Bright meets White


Another store favourite at the moment is the impressive Django & Juilette Duane in all of its burnt orange and rainbow glory. A fun-loving summer wedge that is sure to add some spark to your wardrobe, these burnt orange heels will help you make the perfect statement with your outfits. The buckle closure allows you to slip your foot in with ease and feel comfortable and secure all day long, no matter how long your adventures are.

If you’re looking to make the Duane heels a more of a subtle addition to your everyday life while rocking a modern-day high fashion look, pull out those white jeans from under the bed! Wearing all white could be considered a statement, but we argue that there’s no point blending in with everyone else. It’s not hard to nail a white-on-white monochromatic look, so we’re sure anyone can make this look work for them. The beauty of an all-white look paired with your new burnt orange heels is that you can either keep it casual with a loose white tee or class it up with more of a blouse and blazer look. Consider us inspired!

Dress it Back with Black


Looking to make a statement with some comfortable and sexy bright red sandals? Then the Ara 16166 are your best bet. A classic slip-on sandal that features a bright and colourful upper, the Ara 16166 is perfect for looking as confident as you should feel. The wedge sole will give you height while also keeping it easy to walk in all day long. 

Okay, okay. We know not everyone is excited to stand out in a crowd, so we’ve put together a sleek all-black look to tone down the look while letting your bright red Ara 16166’s shine. Everyone has a black dress, skirt or top and pants combo in their wardrobe whether they’ve considered it or not. An all-black outfit can take any combo of casual pieces and elevate them to a sophisticated and well-put-together look. Add in your new favourite shoes and you’ll be subtly slaying as you go out on your day to day adventures. 

However you choose to wear your new favourite shoes, make sure you rock them with confidence this season. They will complement any outfit you choose to pair them with, so dress for comfort in leggings and a loose tee if that’s your vibe, or class it up as much as you want with a snazzy dress and blazer. We can’t wait to see your looks.