How to Style Flats this Summer

If there’s one thing we love about Summer outfits, it’s Summer flats! Flats are a girl’s best friend when it comes to style and comfort - but also a trendy addition to your wardrobe. We love flats because they are so stylish and easy to pair with almost any outfit, without the discomfort of a high heel or the casual style of a sneaker. 

Summer flats come in  a wide range of styles, patterns and prints that can be paired with the most classic and timeless to the brightest and boldest of outfits! They are seriously so versatile - we just can’t get enough! In fact, we’re pretty obsessed with this pairing!

So, we’re calling it early. In 2021, closed-toe flats are going to be your best friend - the newest addition to your wardrobe. They are comfortable, stylish, and easy to dress up or down depending on the look you are going for. 

But we hear you asking: how do I style my new pair of flats I just bought online? Whether you’re looking to wear them every day or saving them for a special occasion, we have some outfit inspiration for you with our guide below:

Comfortable & Chic

If you are looking to dress to impress this Summer, your new flats are going to come in handy. Closed-toe flats are the perfect comfort choice when you pair them with fun and casual Summer dresses, or a casual-chic outfit with a blazer. If you have gotten yourself a pair of stylish closed-toe summer flats, we highly recommend dressing them up with an outfit that screams lady-boss. Whether you go for a classic work-appropriate dress or a statement pant suit, you are going to slay the game with this comfortable and chic look.

These outfits are semi-professional but also super fashionable - fit for any professional environment, especially when you’re on your feet most of the time!

Here are some of our favourite flats to wear when we’re opting for a comfortable & chic look:

Costa 9400

Cabello Missy

Django & Juliette Jazmin


Casual & Flirty

What you wear when you leave the house in the morning, sets the tone for the day. Whether you’re leaving the house in red, white or blue - you can feel absolutely confident and stylish with flats added to your outfits. If you’re looking for inspiration to be casual and flirty, this is it. Whether you’re looking to throw on a pair of denim shorts and a nice blouse or a cute casual dress, pairing them with some summer flats is going to elevate your look and give you that extra bounce in your step.

On top of your casual morning outfits, you can also pair your new flats with your date night outfits. We’re obsessed with how easy summer flats are to slip on and off while still having that classy look. Our top picks for casually flirty flats are:

Cabello Minka 

Django & Juliette Jaels

Django & Juliette Powers 

Bright & Bold

For all the edgy queens out there, we know you’re just dying to find out what to pair with bold, bright outfits. The beauty of styling is that you can do anything you want, almost like life imitating art. If you’re looking for some ‘spark’ in your outfits, pair a super bold and bright outfit with simple dark flats or you can change it entirely the other way around!

Whether you choose a bold dress, a bold suit, or bold flats - we know you’re going to slay in your best outfit down the hall or your street whether day or night. 

Take a look at our top 3 flats for bright outfits:

Ara 43721

Arcopedico L1

Easy Living Racey 20 


However you choose to wear your new favourite shoes, make sure you rock them with confidence this Summer. They will complement any outfit you choose to pair them with, so dress for comfort in leggings and a loose tee if that’s your vibe, or class it up as much as you want with a snazzy dress and blazer. We can’t wait to see your looks.