How to Style Leopard Print

The 2020 winter fashion season has seen an abundance of animal print take charge. And what is the front runner? Leopard print of course! Leopard print is the perfect way to look edgy, fashionable and a bit sexy too.

But if the leopard print coat or pants is just too much, then we highly recommend to choose printed shoes. It's a safer choice than decking out the whole look in leopard (although that is still so fabulous!), but it still adds that little extra bit of pizazz!

Leopard print shoes will make you look pulled together. Of course, sometimes it can be tricky to incorporate wild prints into your wardrobe, but we are here to show you some of the best street style images what will make you look good enough to step out onto Paris Fashion week!


Leopard Print Heels


lady stepping out in leopard print high heels, all dressed in black


Elegance is key here. Pair it with a black coat, simple black top tucked in a statement belted relaxed fit skirt and completed with heeled pumps!

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Leopard Print Sneakers

lady in all black stepping out in leopard print sneakers
Sneakers are everything! But leopard print, they are just a whole different story! Pair your sneakers with trendy leather pants (we all know leopard print and leather are an iconic duo) and pop it out with a white sole. 
leopard print sneakers

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Leopard Print Boots

audrey avenue estelle leopard print boots


The trick for dressing a leopard print casual boot is a pair of denim washed jeans that you can cuff up! Keep it trendy, loose and fun!

pretty leopard print anlkle length boots with block heel 

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Leopard Print Heeled Boots


lady sitting in leopard print high heeled boots


Think 'Sex in the City' when dressing leopard print heeled boots. Pairing them with tight stockings and a beautiful white mohair/faux fur/velvet coat and a dress is the perfect look!

black and leopard print high heeled boots 

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For more tips on how to dress our awesome shoes, read up on our blogs! Check out our clearance to grab our best deals. Happy Shopping!