Introducing Woolloomooloo Shoes

Introducing the newest kid on the block: Wolloomooloo.

Like all brands, Woolloomooloo started with an idea. Sydney native founders, James and Paul, had just attended a premiere Footwear show in New York City and were enjoying some post-show drinks in a bar. The conversation topic of the evening was the application of Wool as a material used in shoes, it wasn’t an earth shattering idea as wool has been used in shoes and clothes for hundreds of years. Its unique qualities as a soft, insulating and impact-absorbing material were discovered early in human history. Despite this, many modern shoes use felted and boiled wool products, which maintain comfort but are nothing compared to natural wool.

James and Paul wanted to change that.


Using Merino Wool:

Upon their return to Sydney, they reached out to the Woolmark Company, an Australian based global authority on Merino wool, and began working on a research and design process to make comfortable, wear & tear resistant shoes from 100% organic Merino wool. And so the Woolloomooloo shoe was born. You may wonder, why Merino wool?

There are many benefits for the use of Merino wool in shoes;

  • Merino wool is natural and extremely breathable, which makes for comfortable wearing year round.
  • Merino Wool is absorbent and antibacterial properties, reducing moisture buildup and odour.


Woolloomooloo shoes are made with cutting edge 3D knitting technology, and made with the intent of a multi use shoe, equally suited to lowkey everyday use as it is for an intensive run on your local track. And, unlike most shoes, Woolloomooloo shoes are machine washable! How good is that? Lets recap, organic, biodegradable, breathable, comfortable AND machine washable! What’s not to love with a Woolloomooloo shoe?

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Giveaway Competition:

You might be wondering why we are sharing the story of this amazing brand and their products, aside from the fact that we love them. Well, to celebrate the launch of Woolloomooloo at Easy Living Footwear and to prepare you for the coming winter months, we’re running a very special giveaway; 

If you spend $200 online or instore, you go into the draw to win a FREE pair of Woolloomooloo shoes. Read the Terms & Conditions here.