Let's face it- we all wear black a little too much. And if it isn’t black, it’s grey, charcoal or navy. 

Lucky for all of us, an easy way to add some colour to any outfit lies within a simple solution: your shoes. Think about it- they aren’t as big of a commitment as wearing a bright pink sequin dress, but bold enough to give your plain outfit a lil’ spice. Often we invest in our tan, black and white shoes, but there's a certain magic (and believe it or not - practicality!) in purchasing some colourful new additions for your wardrobe! 

But, perhaps what’s coolest of all when it comes to wearing colour is that it actually has the ability to change your mood and the people’s around you! Various scientific studies have proven that colour is indeed a powerful communication tool. It can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even affect physiological reactions. Wearing certain colours can set the pace, stage and vibe of your whole day! 

So, we’re going to show you our favourite coloured shoes, and take you through the moods associated with them!


Woken up feeling nervous? Have something you need to feel confident about today? Seems like you need a sprinkle of red, sister! 

If you want to stand out and grab the spotlight, wearing red helps! Red is also the color of sensuality, aggression, passion, and boldness. An Indian bride even wears red instead of white! Wearing red can make you feel empowered!

Here are our favourite red shoes: 

Left to Right: Frankie4 Nat, Josef Seibel 59692 Red Leather Leisure Shoes, Audrey Avenue Alison Red Leather Sneakers, Saimon Valencia Red Tan Leather Ankle Boot

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When life feels overwhelming and you just want to pull your hair out with stress, then it’s time to put on some blue! Blue naturally soothes and cools. It’s also a great colour to wear when you need to stay focused, as it broadcasts creativity and intelligence. An awesome colour to wear when you need to finish that neverending work project!

Here are our favourite blue shoes:


Left to Right: Ara 16605, Frankie4 Ellie, Krisbut 3159-3 Navy Leather Fur Lined Ankle Boots, Ara 43720 Navy Black Leather Court Shoes

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Feeling happy and want others to feel the same? Wear some yellow and bright orange! Yellow naturally represents cheerfulness and optimism, and can actually cognitively improve the moods of other people who look at it! Bright orange is also known to kickstart inspiration- so if you’re feeling like your day is becoming a bit dull, introducing these shades into your outfit is the answer!

Here are our favorite yellow and orange shoes:

Left to Right: Bueno Lapis, Bueno Granola, Audrey Avenue Anna Tan Sneakers, Django Juliette Choppie

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Life can easily become hectic, and as a consequence it becomes really easy to lose sight of yourself and the things that matter. Wearing green can ground you. Green is the colour of nature, and as such naturally calms and rejuvenates your state of mind. Sometimes wearing green is all you need to bring you back down to Earth! 

Many people get put off by the sound of ‘green’, and fluro/lime shades come flooding to their minds. It’s important to realise that there are many types of green, and shades like khaki are extremely fashionable and more subtle then you immediately think. 

Here are our favourite green shoes:

Left to Right: Audrey Avenue Dulce Taupe Ankle Boots, Cabello EG1570, Frankie4 Nat, Taos Encore Taupe Oiled Leather Comfort Shoes

So give it a go, step out of your comfort zone and try one of our favourite green shoes. We promise you won’t regret it!

Sometimes it's far too easy to stay in your box. But more often than not, all you need is a little confidence boost. This summer, let your true colours fly and perhaps think about adding some oomph to that old black dress you just can’t stop going back to. Life is so beautiful and there's just oh so much to be happy about- so why not reflect that in the shoes you wear! 

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