Our Favourite Sneakers for 2021

Now that 2020 is finally out of the way, we hope you are buckling down and making sure you are setting yourself up for a better and happier year, starting with your feet! 2020 saw some interesting shoe trends including lots of chain accessories, an amplitude of new loafer-styled shoes, and lots of bold colours. With worldwide lockdowns and restrictions, towards the end of 2020 there was definitely one style of shoe that was at the front of everyone’s wardrobes, and on the top of every shoe rack: Sneakers.

Sneakers are the best every-day shoe, with comfort and style combining to reveal the ultimate flexibility in occasion wear. While some sneakers are designed to support more active movements such as running or sports, many are designed with daily wear and style at the forefront. Gone are the days where you have to throw on a pair of high stilettos to go to a dressy event - throw on a shiny pair of new sneakers and pair them with your finest clothes, and you will leave everyone envious of both your comfort and style.

2021 - the year that sneakers take over everyone’s wardrobe. To get you inspired (and prove our point), here are our top 5 sneakers for 2021. Have a read, and pick your next pair:

Propet Travel Fit


We’re keeping it simple with this sneaker in 2021. The Travel Fit by Propet is the perfect simple sneaker that is designed for travel lusting folk. Whether you are a short distance explorer or more of a hiker, the Propet Travel Fit will keep you comfortable throughout day with high performance co-molded rubber and EVA midsole. Designed for comfort, flexibility, traction and durability for long lasting support, these shoes are sure to be your new best friend.

We love the face that the Propet Travel Fit features a seamless upper with waterproof membrane, so you don’t have to stress if it’s raining. Plus, the elastic lace up front and heel pull tap allows you to slip your foot in with ease - making them perfect for throwing on as you run out the door. Simple in design, yet complex in making sure you stay comfortable all day long!

Frankie4 Jackie

Unlike the super simple Propet Travel Fit, Frankie4’s Jackie is ready to help you make some noise. It looks sleek on your feet with simple colours and designs, paired perfectly with a chunky sole to add just enough edge to make you stand out. While the white options are simple enough to pair with any outfit, the unique heel adds plenty of fun.

Frankie4 Jackie comes in a large range of colours, making it perfect for almost any outfit you wish to pair it with - And trust us, once you have one pair, you’re going to want them in every colour. As always you can guarantee all day comfort with this Frankie4 product on your foot with a cushioned, supportive foot bed that cradles the foot. If you’re looking for sneakers that can elevate your look in the blink of an eye, and add some extra pizzazz to whatever you pair them with, then Frankie4 Jackie is your best bet.

Django & Juliette Brenda

Django & Juliette produce incredible shoes, perfectly blending style and comfort again and again. Brenda is no exception. Django & Juliette’s Brenda is a must-have summer sneaker, with the option of either the bold colourful ‘sunset’ or the simple ‘white’ design. These shoes were so popular in 2020 and we know that they will only grow in 2021. There is something so unique yet classic about these stylish summer sneakers.

We love the way that the chunky sole not only adds height but keeps you and the shoe on trend. The soft and light upper is perfect for those steaming hot summer days, while the lace up front helps to keep your feet secure. We are sure that you will stay comfortable in your new Django & Juliette Brenda sneakers all day long.

Rollie SidecutS20


Rollie is known for their cushioned innersoles and comfortable designs, sure to help keep your feet comfortable all day long. The Rollie SidecutS20 is a lightweight summer show that blends the traditional design of sneakers and sandals into one unique shoe. The cut out side will help keep you cool on those hot Australian summer days while the lace up front allows the shoe to be adjusted to your perfect fit.  

The Rollie SidecutS20 is available in three beautiful colours; Light tan, Swing Black and Orange. No matter which colour you opt for, we are sure that these summer sneakers will feature in your wardrobe throughout 2021 and beyond!

Cabello EG18

The Cabello EG18 is a perfect everyday sneaker that can be dressed up or down making it the perfect wardrobe staple. Available in so many different colours, we know that there will be one that you fall in love with. In 2021, we aren’t afraid of contrasting colours or patterns - and that’s why we are obsessed with this shoe. The contrasting sole is trendy and fresh, so you will feel confident with every step you take in the Cabello EG18’s.

With comfort in mind, the Cabello EG18 has a lace up front and a side zip allowing for you to tighten the shoes to your preference and then taken off using the side zipper - how handy! The Cabello EG18 also features removable innersoles making them orthotic friendly.

If you’re getting as excited as we are about sneakers, then shop our awesome collection of sneakers now.