Our Winter Collection


A cool calm has settled across the nation, while we still hustle and bustle in our daily lives, the days grow short and the air grows cold. On the coast the beaches are beginning to empty out, the water cuts through you like a knife in the freezing morning swims, only the hardiest swimmers keep it up. In the southern highlands the deciduous trees are changing with the seasons, green turns to yellow, yellow to red and red to nothing as the leaves pile onto the ground. In the snowies, the ground starts to freeze overnight, and the first snowfalls are coming down on the peaks as snow lovers flock to the slopes from across the country. If you're a Game of Thrones Fan we have one saying for you: Winter is coming!

We personally are big fans of Winter, it’s an excuse to stay indoors and work on DIY projects, watching the frost thaw in the mornings with a nice cup of tea. But we like to get in the Easy Living spirit in the wintertime, and keep our Easy Living Footwear family rugged up with the finest shoes available. So without further ado, we would like to present the newly launched 2021 Winter Collection!

While it's a common misconception that the common cold is everywhere in the wintertime (of course there’s bigger things to worry about now but let's leave that out of it) but the cold actually spreads more commonly because of how everyone prefers to stay indoors! Solution? Go out more, abiding with local restrictions of course. Exercise is good for the mind and soul, and Australia is famed for its wide open spaces, so it’s time to chew up the pavement with our exercise shoe range!

European Shoes for Winter

We recommend you browse our Remonte collection, Remonte is the sister company to another brand we love, Rieker, a Swiss/German designer group. So if there’s anything they know, it’s how to make good winter shoes! They are committed to fashionable, comfortable shoes, supercharged by over 100 years of practice and a long running European flair. We guarantee that you’ll find a pair that keep you going without causing discomfort or getting you cold.

Light and Fashionable Shoes for Winter

Another way to keep your spirit warm is to stay connected with your friends and family, social gatherings are a valuable currency nowadays so we might have something to complete the ‘girls night out’ look. We have a wide range of shoes well suited to a social evening from beloved brands such as Django & Juliette, Ara, Bueno and Audrey Avenue. If it were us, we would go for something light and fashionable, between a sandal and an ankle boot in terms of coverage, perhaps low-high heels, but at the end of the day it's up to you. An example of a social shoe is the Rollie Penny Loafer, a comfortable shoe with a flexible frame and a removable insole, and contrasting colours for extra trendiness.

Environmentally Friendly Shoes for Winter

Of course who would we be if we stopped you from putting an emphasis on comfy, tis the season! Slippers, ugg boots and thick socks are synonymous with this time of the year, and boy do we have slippers! A standout brand is Taos, who blend the unique colours and designs of the American Southwest with environmentally-friendly materials and design processes. If you’re a fan of classy comfort, try the Remonte R7980, a comfortable shoe still designed for movement with its waterproofing and moisture removal technology, a zipper for access and an orthotic friendly sole.

At the end of the day, it's your winter and you can live it however you want, but our Winter Collection is there to support you and your feet whenever you need it.