Shoes from Around the World

Travel plans cancelled this year? Ours are too - and it sucks. 

One of the best parts of  travelling is soaking up the amazing fashion from the world. There’s nothing quite like soaking up different culture’s outfits and immersing yourself in the fabrics, styles and patterns of places around you. 

If you’re anything like our shoe obsessed selves, then you’re probably also interested in shoes from around the globe. 

So here it is - your round the world ticket to explore (and shop!) the latest shoe trends from the countries we wish we were vacationing in. 

New Zealand

New Zealanders love ankle boots to suit the temperate autumn weather. Flats are perfect for the NZ lifestyle, lots of hiking and walking through picturesque trails set for Lord of the Rings. In terms of prints, New Zealanders can’t get enough of florals and snake skin for that extra pop of colour. 

To get the NZ look, check out our floral Laura Vita Alciceo 07 boot (left) or our Audrey Avenue Hope Snakeskin brogue (right).

Laura Vita Alciceo 07Audrey Avenue Hope


Jump into the All-American feels with a sophisticated take on the Mid-West, where Cowgirl meets fashionista. These stylish boots are all the rage in the country parts of the US,  which combine the rugged outback with the modern chic. Durable and long-lasting brown leather boots are the American go to. To get the American look, try our brown high-knee Pikolinos W1U-9653 boot (left) or if prefer ankle boot, try the Pikolinos 8775 (right).

Pikolinos W1U-9653Pikolinos 8775


The Mexian culture has always been vibrant, high energy and fun, and their shoe styles reflect exactly that! Jump into the practicality of wedges where you can dance to salsa in comfort and style, and never lose your grip. Where colours are concerned, a little metallic is a sure fire way to spice up your life. To get the Mexican look, try our Dchicas 5185 (left) or Frankie4 Ellie sneakers (right).


Italians have always been known for their style and class, and their shoe fashion is no different. The classic heel is the perfect go-to for the chic chick in town. The basic requirements for any shoe for Italians is fine quality leather in a timeless colour to suit all occasions. The medium sized heels add an effortless style to your look without giving up comfort. To get the Italian look, try our black leather Ara 16913 ankle boots (left), or for a high-knee boot, check out our Django Juliette Teddie (right).

Ara 16913Django Juliette Teddie



The French have always been elegant, timeless and chic in their fashion. And they wear the shoes to match. Pointed toes and kitten heels give an understated look synonymous with Parisian style, while the timeless hepburn style is one that can never be overlooked. To make your outfit très magnifique, go for a classy black suede look. To get the French look, try our Django & Juliette Happie heel (left) or if you’re looking for flats, check out the Audrey Avenue Emily (right).

Django Juliette HappieAudrey Avenue Emily


Germans are well-known for their love of practicality and serious, no nonsense nature. Because of this, they look for shoes that combine the highest quality with functionality. That is reflected in the block heels, which allow all day comfort, combined with the brogue stitch for some extra flair without the fuss. To get the German look, try our Bueno Granola block heel (left), or for a practical and comfortable flat shoe, try our Ara 16502 (right). 

Bueno GranolaAra 16502


Known for their rich history, the Japanese have always had an appreciation for beauty, with simplicity being key. Because of this, they tend to favour soft suede shoes for a gentle demure. In terms of colours, they tend to stick to more neutral tones of black, navy and white, to help match the sensibility and practicality of their style. To get the Japanese look, try our Audrey Avenue Dulce suede boot (left), or our Ara 16605 navy boot (right). 

Audrey Avenue DulceAra 16605