Shoes That Fit Your Aesthetic | Quiz

In 2021, we are all about fun summer sandals and comfortable sneakers. Comfortable shoes have so many functions: making a statement, pulling an outfit together, the lack of having to change when you’re out the whole day, and so on... A little bird told us that you’ve been searching for some comfortable footwear and boy, do we have a fun quiz for you! 


There are so many varieties, colours and styles of comfortable shoes that can be paired with your outfit and while everyone has their own special quirks and styles, we bet you’re curious what yours is - if you didn’t know already. 😉


Have you ever wondered whether your style is edgy, artsy, casual or elegant? Grab a pen and paper to track your answers, and let’s find out what your aesthetic is:

Pick some Sandals

Sandals are one of the best selling shoes at Easy Living Footwear since it’s the most versatile - fit for any season & any setting, whether beach, resort, mountain or office. It’s true, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to look good with these comfortable but extremely stylish sandals.


What do coffee-dates and casual work meetings have in common? Whether you’re in a basic white tee with denim shorts or in a blazer with a bold dress - you can always rely on stylish and comfortable sandals whether they buckle or zip, velcro or button up. Pick your every-day sandal:

A: Zeta Pandora

B: Silver Lining Hannah

C: Django & Juliette Silas

D: Costa 9400 Sandals 

Pick some Sneakers

Sneakers are the best summer shoe for those who are stylish and adventurous while offering the perfect accompaniment to your outfit.  


For a sporty-chic look, pair comfortable sneakers with your yoga outfit, beach-day outfit or casual day outfits. To rock something more casual, pair your denim shorts and a band t-shirt while you grab a coffee with your friends. If you want to feel more semi-formal, try on a classic blazer & denim bottoms with some bright sneakers on. 


The possibilities are endless and we know you’re going to rock it this season with your new sneakers. Pick your pair below:

A: Ara 37409

B: Django & Juliette Brenda

C: Josef Seibel 68865 

D: Django & Juliette Fallan

Pick some Heels

We love throwing on a pair of heels to spice up an outfit. Whether you’re out for drinks with your girls or on a date night, heels are a perfect way to show off those legs and your outfit.

Whether you prefer a thin or thick heel, bright or muted colours, there’s a heel for everyone at Easy Living Footwear.

Wear a pair of black strappy heels to brunch for some added class and style - we already know you feel like a million bucks with these babies on. For a statement look, try styling bold-coloured heels with comfortable slacks and a t-shirt and you’re rocking it! Pick your pair below:

A: Halsa Chantal

B: Laura Vita Becttinoo 84

C: Audrey Avenue Christine

D: Django & Juliette Reef

If you answered mostly A: EDGY QUEEN

Edgy isn’t just a style, it’s an attitude. She’s unlike any ordinary woman and shows confidence. She’s bold, she’s different, she’s daring. Edgy Queens are fearless, empowering, fierce.

She’s unconventional, adventurous and curious all bundled into one package.

If you answered mostly B: ARTSY LADY

Artistic girls have a sense of both energy and understanding. She’s got her own perception of the world, a sense of independence  of passion, creativity, expression and inspiration. 

Artsy Lady, you are a wonder to the world.

If you answered mostly C: CASUAL GIRL-NEXT-DOOR

The Casual Girl-Next-Door - a term used to definite styles from the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson & Jessica Alba. All of them share something in common - all super casual yet classy looks.

You’re definitely the Rachel from your group of Friends. We can tell.

If you answered mostly D: ELEGANT CHIC

The Elegant Chic aesthetic is sleek, confident and flawless. Her look says modern-workplace princess. Culture, poise and quality threads are her style of choice. 

She’s impeccable, loves subtle make-up and sometimes a bold heel will do. Think Kate Middleton vibes. Oh yes, we see it!


Now, after finding out what your aesthetics are, make sure you rock those new shoes with a bang this Summer. Your new favourite shoes will complete any outfit you choose to pair them with - another expression of style, comfort, personality and attitude. We can’t wait to see your looks.