Step into Europe: Ara, Bueno & Pikolinos

The last 18 months have been an unprecedented rollercoaster of global pandemics, politics and problems. We’ve learned what the phrase “anything can change in a day” really means, and have found ourselves spending more time at home than we ever knew we could and much more than we wanted to.

As we all continue to adapt to this new world, it can help to escape for a while. So in memoriam of all the travel plans our Easy Living Footwear family has had to cancel, we would like to take you on a trip around Europe to see where some of our amazing products call home.

Let’s step into it.

Ara: Precision German footwear

Ara Germany

Germany, a land of warm food, bright and bubbly culture and beer, amazing landscapes and legendary design and engineering prowess. World famous brands across every industry call Germany home, among them are our good friends at Ara.

First founded in 1949, the post-war climate in Germany was home to some of history's most dramatic moments, but Ara survived as a family business and continues to thrive today, some 70 years later. Now they stand apart as a proud European brand, with a focus on quality and style.

One of Ara’s most popular products is the Ara 31238, a sophisticated aesthetic for a casual leisure shoe frame. If you prefer something a little more hardy, consider the Ara 14437, a perfect womens walking boot for a winter stroll. For a sneaker that sits between, consider the Ara 34499, a shoe perfect for a quick walk around the block or a day out on the town.

 Ara 14437Ara 34499

Bueno: Mediterranean Made

Bueno Turkey

How does the song go? And it’s Istanbul not Constantinople and it's Istanbul not Constantinople? A rich country with a complex history and amazing culture, Turkey is one of the most persevering exotic countries in the 21st century.

One of the largest countries of the Mediterranean, Turkey both literally and figuratively is the border of Asia and Europe. One of our most beloved brands, Bueno, has a very Turkish sole (pun, intended). While they are multinationally sold, all Bueno shoes are handmade by Artisans in Turkey.

One of their most gorgeous products is the Bueno Christian, a classic flats design that brings an exotic air to a traditional shoe design. Another favourite is the Bueno Tyra, which is a sturdy-yet-trendy ankle boot with a molding sole design and laces for maximum comfort. If you prefer a more flexible shoe, consider their take on sneakers with the Bueno Sailor, a boosted sole sneaker that can be adjusted for a perfect fit to any foot!

Bueno ChristianBueno TyraBueno Sailor

Pikolinos: Spanish Style

Pikolinos Spain

There are few countries that invoke such a full sensory response in your brain by name alone, one such country is Spain. The sights, sounds and smells of Spain are known and recognisable even if you haven’t visited yourself, and such amazing culture is recognisable in all that is exported from Spain, shoes included!

Our good friends at Pikolinos are one of Europe’s premiere footwear brands, and their amazing products have found their way to retailers across the world, we’re so lucky to be among them! Founded in 1984, Pikolinos are committed to artisan quality shoes with a Spanish flair, and are passionate about supporting charities and downtrodden communities.

Starting off with one of our personal favourites, the Pikolinos W4D-8799, is a timeless ankle boot design that encompasses Spanish elegance, even making the outer zipper look gorgeous. If you’re looking for exotic over elegant, consider the Pikolinos 902-8900, a stunning heel that can be used in professional and casual context, combining the comfort of a sandal with the height of a heel. Lastly, beat the cold with the Pikolinos W8J-9621, a lovely long boot with buckles and zippers abound for ease-of-access and style alike.

Pikolinos W4D-8799Pikolinos 802-8900Pikolinos W8J-9621

At Easy Living Footwear, we are proud to sell so many amazing brands from around the world, we hope you can find your ultimate piece online today!