The Best Shoes of 2020 

With 2021 finally in close reach, it is definitely time to point a spotlight on our favourite parts of 2020 and be grateful for the good that has come out of this year. 2020 has offered a chance for us to take it slow and appreciate the little things in life a bit more, such as the freedom of being able to go outside for a walk, catch up with friends and stay comfortable at home.

If there’s one thing we at
Easy Living Footwear know for sure, it’s that shoes tend to be a part of all of those things. We are looking forward to taking big steps in 2021, but first, we’re going to reflect on the best shoes of 2020:

Comfortable Shoes

Our comfort range has always been popular for the main reason being that they perfectly blend comfort and style. We believe that women should not have to compromise on style just to look good at their parties or as they go out and about their daily business. From orthotic friendly styles to extra-wide fits to cushioned soles, the range of comfortable shoes that won’t leave you aching that we offer at Easy Living Footwear is extensive.

If you are looking for comfortable shoes that are simple, perfect for summer days, and include a memory foam foot bed to ensure the perfect step, the Silver Lining Rosas is your number one for 2020. If you’re more after an orthotic friendly fit, the similarly elegant Klouds Tanya is going to have you leaping into 2021. We are so obsessed with comfortable shoes and are grateful that they made 2020 a little bit easier.


With social distancing a priority this year, there is no doubt that our heels probably got a little bit dusty in our closets. Nonetheless, on the rare occasion where we got to pull them out and show off, there were definitely some stand out styles. The stunning Mekleza by Tsonga is perfect for any season, from Winter right through to Summer, with the soft leather uppers creating a breathable heel while they mold perfectly to your feet. Available in both black and tan, the Tsonga Mekleza’s are hand stitched to perfection and definitely in our top picks for 2020.

As always, comfort is key and that is no exception for the Django & Juliette Reef which features leather lining and uppers, with a buckle closure to ensure a close and comfortable fit heel. Another one of our top shoes for 2020, we love the way the block heel features bright colours in a contemporary way. These are a classic pair of heels with a fun and modern twist. Whether you opt for the Tsonga Mekleza’s or Django & Juliette Reef to be your top heels of 2020, we’re sure you will be walking with confidence wherever you go in 2021.


An absolute must for 2020, where comfort became at the forefront of any outfit decision, sandals have become increasingly popular at Easy Living Footwear. Leather sandals were definitely some of the most sought after shoes in 2020, with two styles in particular standing out as crowd favourites:

The Costa 9400 is a simple sandal, with a slip-on design allowing for ease of wear. We love the two colour options, tan and black, both of which pair with any outfit you could possibly throw together. The padded footbed ties it all together and absolutely sets it up to be one of the best shoes of 2020. Similarly, the Zeta Roxet is well loved for its versatility in design and style. With its original styling and adjustable buckle embellishments, this sandal is sure to add a touch to shimmer and style to your wardrobe. 



Unquestionably the ultimate shoe style that is designed for comfort, sneakers were highlighted throughout 2020 for good reason. Gone are the days where sneakers were just for sport and exercise - modern sneakers are designed with fashion and style in mind without compromising on comfort. We are obsessed with sneakers, and that’s why we couldn’t skip listing them as some of the best shoes of 2020. With so many sneakers to choose from, there is definitely one style that stands out… 

Taos has brought us the versatile Plim Soul, with a smart canvas lace up style that will pair perfectly with any outfit. We love the way that the in sole is also removable - making it orthotic friendly! The rubber sole adds a bounce to every step you take, making you feel supported all day long. These are the most classic and simple sneakers, and yet they are absolutely one of the best shoes that 2020 brought us.  


To celebrate the end of a tough year, we are offering up to 25% off on selected Summer stock. We want everyone to walk into 2021 with confidence and comfort. Treat yourself to some new shoes now!