The Classy Collection

Say what you will about the crown and the commonwealth, but it’s hard to complain about getting that one Monday off every year. How did you spend your long weekend? Did you go for a walk? Or did you stay home with a cuppa and catch up on your Netflix list? No shame in any choice, but there’s no time for relaxing now because we’re back in the swing of the working week! We have a big list of business to attend to and we are in need of the right shoes to complete our outfits, so join us as we take a stroll through the Easy Living Footwear catalogue and pick our favourite professional shoes for the ‘Classy Collection’

Audrey Avenue Stella

You're back, in black! - Audrey Avenue Stella

Vacations are great, there’s no denying, but when you come back to the world people often assume you’re going to still be in holiday mode. Prove them wrong with this powerful statement of a shoe, and one of our favourite boots, because what powerful woman hasn’t worn black at some point in her life? Whether your job be office, field or extreme, this piece will strike respect into the hearts of friends and coworkers. The sharp suede design exudes boss b*tch vibes and is built with comfortable elements such as a padded sole, elastic midsection and an inner zipper for comfort and practicality.

EOS Weston

Not a mans world anymore - EOS Weston

Why stick to calm waters? Why avoid the wild track? We get one life in this world, it’s hard to see the point in spending it behind a veil of caution. Be brave, be bold, be ruthless if you have to. Your style is your own, to be the boss of your own life as you see fit, but what defines a boss? Is it the way you talk, is it years of experience, or is it as simple as the click of your heels on the ground. The EOS Weston was designed for the boss, with a solid block heel to keep things interesting, an inner zipper for ease of access and a stunning leather frame to bring it all together.

Bueno Christian

Classy yet casual - Bueno Christian

Heels may not be your style, and that's fine, at Easy Living Footwear we set out to ensure everyone has a shoe that fits. If you’re more of a low cut kind of gal, you might prefer this lovely piece from our good friends at Bueno. You don’t need to be the ultimate boss all the time right? Every boss deserves a day off here and there, but if you don’t want to go all the way casual that’s okay too, your secret is safe with us. You might like the Bueno Christian, a classic leisure shoe design with a pull tab and elastic gussets to ensure you have no troubles slipping the shoe on and off, or wearing it all day long.

Pikolinos W8J-8751

Look exclusive, feel exclusive - Pikolinos W8J-8751

If you’re like most people, the finer things in life are a guilty pleasure. Fine wines, expensive real estate, fast cars and fancy clothes. We can’t help with most of those, but fancy shoes we can do! Sometimes it's easier to imagine the rest if you have one piece of it, so consider this fine piece from the good people at Pikolinos. Reminiscent of a gorgeous leather couch, or a winter cabin tucked away in a pine forest, this is THE shoe for staying comfortable-yet-classy this winter. Elastic elements pair with the boot design and a smaller heel for maximum comfort without losing a drop of style.  

We hope there is something for you in our winter collection, stay safe and warm.
Love, the Easy living Footwear family.