The Finishing Touch for your Valentine’s Day Look

Unlike accessories and a fancy pair of earrings, good shoes are both stylish and practical. There are few occasions when you want to make sure you’re styling your outfit perfectly - like Valentine’s Day.  

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the biggest date nights of the year, so there’s no better time to refresh your footwear collection with a pair of date-worthy shoes. Whether you’re going for a casual look with comfy sandals or a flirty, girly look with patterned heels - we’re excited to show you how you can add the finishing touch to your outfit! 

From ankle boots and patterned heels to strappy sandals, we’ve chosen some of our favourite Easy Living Footwear shoes to make sure you look your best this Valentine’s Day:

Fun & Flirty

Get your ensemble together and couple your flirty outfits with heels this Valentine’s Day. Heels are the best choice when it comes to comfort AND style. Whether you feel like a dress, a skirt or casual jeans, heels can turn your casual outfits into something fancy just like that!

Wear a bright outfit with black heels that match your purse for that flirty look or go for bright heels with a matching top for a “pop” of colour. If you’ve gotten yourself nude heels, throw on a skirt or purse to complement the outfit. Either way, we know you’re going to slay this flirty yet comfy look!

Here are some of our favourite heels for a Fun & Flirty look: 
Cabello Terri

Django & Juliette Sham

Laura Vita Becttinoo 232

Casual & Chic

If you’re looking for a more casual but sexy (of course!) Valentine’s look - we’ve got just the inspiration for you! Especially while it’s still hot & sunny outside, it’s not only practical but stylish to put some sandals on. 

Throw on a cute blouse with some jeans and bright sandals - this will help you bring your casual outfit into a more chic look. Feeling like shorts instead on a hot day? No problem! Throw on a stylish crop top or sweet blouse and some strappy sandals and you’ve got a cute, sexy outfit! Our top picks for sexy sandals are:

Zeta Roxet

Django & Juliette Silas 

Zeta Rilari

Cool & Bold

For all our badass queens, we know you’re looking for something bold. The most amazing thing about boots is that you can literally style them with any kind of outfit. If you’re looking to complete your outfit but also walk out looking super cool - we know exactly what you’re looking for. 

With a bright pair of boots, you can style any basic outfit and make it look breathtaking and edgy right away! A standard top with jeans and a blazer to cap it off, match it with brown or dark boots and you’re ready to go! While these outfit looks can sound a little basic, we know you’re going to look like an absolute rockstar with this style.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to make sure you can fit any type of shoe to any type of outfit you prefer. Here’s our top picks for boots:

Acropedico L19

Klouds Willough

Now which shoe are you going to wear? Whether you’re going for a fancy Michelin-starred dinner or simple brunch date, it’s all about making sure you’re dressed fashionably and appropriately for what you’ve got planned. Get those pulses racing with your newly purchased shoes styled perfectly for the outfit of your choice. Smart, chic and drop-dead gorgeous, we can totally see it already. 


This Valentine’s Day, rock your flirty outfits with confidence in your new favourite shoes. Whether you’re looking to feel cute, sexy or flirty - you can do it at the highest comfort level for this lovey dovey season. We can’t wait to see your looks.