The perfect shoe to suit your mood

As you know, our brand started in Bathurst ( and now we also call Newcastle, Tamworth and online home too- and serve customer's Australia wide). A vibrant town that is the centre of culture and activity in that region of country NSW. For as long as Bathurst has existed, its residents have needed quality shoes- even Gold Panners needed those ridiculously uncomfortable but hardy boots for the cold river waters.

Easy Living was founded on the principle of providing quality shoes without compromising on character, style or connection with our customers. That is why we are proud to provide THE premiere range of Shoes for all your different moods. Yes, you heard that right- shoes for your mood! Here we break down our Autumn/Winter range to fit your perfect mood:

Mood: Energetic, confident, motivated

It’s 9 am on a Saturday, you got up early, had a healthy breakfast with a drink of your choice, coffee or a smoothie, we don’t judge. It’s a brisk morning but it's sunny out, sunny enough that you can stand to be out and about in a light jumper as long as you stay out of the shade. You have a busy day ahead but it’s not daunting, it should be fun. It’s a good morning for a walk or a jog and you want to hit the local track asap, but can’t decide what shoes to wear.

We would recommend a comfy but athletically sound pair of Sneakers. Take one of our top sellers, Ara 34587, a classic Sneaker design that pairs a leather aesthetic with a comfortable sole and fitting design. Or maybe you would prefer a more aesthetic-yet-athletic sneaker with a focus on comfort, consider the Top End Jasiel

Mood: Professional, boss, presentable

Monday morning, it’s the big day, you’ve got a deal to close, a pitch to nail or a job interview to attend. You need something to complete your look, something that gives off the air and attitude of a professional (and maybe even a badass) but not something over the top. You want the first impression people have of you to be the click of your heels on the floor.

One of our top Boot brands is Pikolinos, a 30-year-old Spanish brand with a passion for environmentally sustainable, comfortably designed and expertly handcrafted shoes. Should you prefer Aussie products, one of our all-time favourites is Django & Juliette, a brand that has 15 years of experience in designing and providing quality products throughout Australia and New Zealand, they’re responsible for some of the finest footwear products on the market but specialise in their boots.

Mood: Casual, relaxed, social

Ahhhh, friday afternoon, at last the working week is done, and now it’s time to enjoy those long-awaited social plans. How will we be kicking off the evening? It’s warm outside so maybe a nice summer dress, you don’t have to stay out late so we can maybe opt for style over comfort. Maybe a Sandal or a Fashionable heel?

We would recommend one of our exclusive brands, Audrey Avenue, with quality materials and a careful focus on aesthetic and fit, made with love for you, our Easy Living Footwear family ❤️ Should you prefer something that carries the exotic feel of an overseas designer, consider Ara. Ara is one of Europe’s largest and most respected shoe manufacturers, with 60 years of premium German artisan skill combined with cutting edge technology and design for your pleasure.

No matter the occasion or the mood, you can rest assured that you can find a shoe for you at Easy Living Footwear.