What suits your personality - Patterned or plain shoes?

What you wear when you leave the house every morning tells sets your mood for the day. If you’re leaving the house in bright yellow, the average person will most likely assume that you are happy as can be. If you’re donning all black, you’re either feeling confident and sleek or are struggling to see the blue in the sky. So, if you’re on the hunt for a style to match your mood, this might just be the blog for you.

Grab a pen and paper to keep track of your answers so that you can work out which style suits your personality!

1. You’re going on a first date. You’re meeting them at a restaurant that’s just fancy enough to require you to change out of your sweatpants and t-shirt and throw on a nice dress. What shoes do you pair it with?

A: Sneakers, of course!
B: Heels, to impress my date!

2. It’s your first day at a new office job. The dress code is smart casual (easily one of the most confusing dress codes to exist), and other than that you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. What are you going to wear?

A: A nice plain dress that’s not too tight or too short.
B: Patterned trousers with a simple blouse


3. You’re going on a hike to enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze. You’re lucky to have plenty of choices of places to hike, so you get to pick your ideal walk. Do you:

A: Go for a hike in the mountains, surrounded by plenty of wildlife and stunning trees?
B: Stick to a scenic walk along the coast, admiring beaches and harbour views on the way?

4. It’s time to redecorate! You’re ready for a refresh of your living space and have finally worked it into your budget so that you can really nail the look. How are you going to decorate your place, to really make it feel like home?

A: Boho Chic - Light woods blended in neatly with whites and pinks
B: Modern - With bold feature walls and sharp edges

5. What would you rather have: 

A: A collection of stunning handbags

B: As many shoes as your heart desires

The Big Reveal

You’ve taken the time to complete this quiz, so clearly you’re ready to know whether you should be opting for patterned or plain shoes. So, without further ado:



If you answered mostly A: You are destined for patterned shoes

You like keeping it simple. When it comes to style you know exactly what works and never miss a beat, so why change? White goes well with white in the same way that a subtle grey feature wall adds just enough colour and style to your home that you’re happy. You clearly know what looks good on other people, but you might be struggling to work out what looks best on you.

There is nothing wrong with opting for the simple things in life, but every now and then it’s great to take on a challenge and try something new. Patterned shoes are a fun way to add personality and colour to your outfit without bringing too much attention to yourself. Whether you go for a bold leopard print or a more gentle striped shoe, you are going to feel a whole lot more confident stepping out of your front door in patterned shoes in 2021.

Here are some of our favourite patterned shoes at the moment:



If you answered mostly B: Plain shoes are for you!

You love dressing boldly to match your exciting personality. Bold colours are your thing, and it is absolutely one of those traits that everybody loves about you. Sometimes though, balance is important. If you’re going to wear loud clothing, tone them down just a little bit with some plain shoes. Without telling you what to wear (own it, sis), we definitely always use our shoes to either dress up or dress down our outfits. And in your case, most of the time you’re going to want to tone it down.

Just because you are opting for plain colours does not mean that you can’t wear exciting styles. Here are some of our favourite plain shoes, ranging from simple designs to exciting and modern approaches: 



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