What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Are you a Christmas fanatic or more of a Grinch? Either way, ‘tis the season to catch up with friends and family over delicious seasonal foods and endless drinks!

If there’s one thing that we can agree on when it comes to Christmas party stress, it’s not knowing what to wear. While some hosts are wonderful at providing some guidance on the dress code, others might be a little bit vaguer when it comes to letting you know what everyone else will be wearing. 

So, ladies, if you are going with a friend or your partner, don’t be embarrassed to ask what they’re wearing - It’s a fun opportunity to colour coordinate and make sure you will both look great next to each other in all the Christmas party photos. But if you’re flying solo, here’s a quick guide on what we’d recommend wearing to the party (hot tip: there’s no such thing as overdressed):

Smart Casual 

The most misunderstood of all dress-codes, smart casual tends to be a popular choice for Australians. Essentially the hosts are ruling out thongs and daggy jeans but allowing fancy sandals and dress jeans and any other item of clothing that shows some sort of effort and is well-fitting. Why this dress code exists, we’re not sure, but we definitely know how to dress for it. 

Smart casual allows for well-fitted dresses, skirts and in some cases jeans. Given how hot Summer in Australia gets, we’re guessing it’s probably best you opt for a breezy dress or a skirt and light blouse so that you’re comfortable all day long! One of the good things about a smart casual dress code is that you can wear your most comfortable shoes as long as they are clean and tie in well with your outfit.

Our favourite option for shoes to wear for an all-day smart casual Christmas event has to be Summer sandals such as the always popular Jordana 3391 which allows the wedge heel to elevate any outfit without compromising on comfort. They would pair neatly with a flowy white dress or a white blouse matched with a colourful skirt. These colour combos are perfect for Christmas parties as they allow you to exude positive energy without putting out strong Christmas elf vibes. 

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Cocktail Party

Everyone knows that one person who will use any excuse to throw on their finest gown and stunning makeup - in fact, you might be that person! If you are, we’re sure you know how to nail this dress code with ease, but if you’re not too familiar with what a cocktail party outfit would look like, we can help you out!

While being able to dress to the nines is a rare opportunity, it can be stressful deciding what to wear. When the dress code is “cocktail attire” it is totally reasonable to feel a bit intimidated but it’s seriously an easy to crack code! Cocktail attire for women generally refers to a classy dress that finishes around your knees for the perfect length paired with a sleek pair of heeled shoes. We have good news for you about those heels too - they don’t have to be stilettos to fit the dress code. If you’re not comfortable with high heels, opt for a slight heel so you’re dress head to toe in cocktail attire in your own way.

When picking out a pair of shoes to tie your outfit together, we strongly recommend going for a plan and subtle heel. Cocktail attire speaks for itself, and it’s important that you don’t let your shoes take all the attention. The Audrey Avenue Christine heels come in both nude and black, both of which are perfect for complementing a cocktail dress depending on the colour. If you are wearing a loud coloured dress, such as red or rust, we recommend choosing the nude Christine heels, and if you opt for a black or similarly dark dress reach for the black Christine heels.

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“Wear what you want” Party


An ominous yet popular dress code, this is probably one of those situations where the host will decide what they’re wearing on the day. This is all well and good, but if you’re stressing out about what to wear to a party, this is definitely not the most helpful response! In the event of a Christmas party, we are going to remind you once again that you are going to feel a lot more comfortable being overdressed than underdressed!  

While cocktail attire probably isn’t probably the best fit for this dress code, perhaps you could opt for a smart casual outfit and pull in some Christmas themed colours to add some fun! Red, white and green are the three most popular colours for Christmas parties, as well as touches of gold in jewellery or as features on handbags or shoes.

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No matter what the theme is, make sure you dress in comfortable shoes that will support you for the entire event. Style and colour can be negotiated with, comfort should not!