What Your Shoes Say About Your Personality

Do you stay in your lane? Are you a go-getter? Do you love to be the centre of attention? Or do you prefer being off the stage? 

We all remember the famous quote from Forest Gump;

My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been. 

He's kind of right. Believe it or not, the shoes we wear on our feet reflect our personality more than we think. Perhaps even more than clothes, what shoes we choose to wear can give a whole range of insights to who we are! 

So we've collated the most common shoe styles and paired with them their most common personality type! Take the test and let us know if it works (of course, we also acknowledge every person is so diverse and wonderful- and nobody fits just one image!). 

Wearing sports/running shoes means you're goal-orientated

We all know an absolute power-house who is always in exercise gear and running shoes- and who is always known to have health focused new years resolution! 

Wearing running shoes probably means you are a goal-focused individual who always remains on track. It also means you're a brilliant multi-tasker! Between dropping and picking up the kids from school, working and running errands, you jeep your runners on to find time to exercise in the 10 minutes you have left of your day!

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From Left to Right: Vionic Joey, Kroten Travel Walker, Propet Travel Activ


Wearing heels and stilettos means you are a hard worker and enjoy the finer things in life

There's a misconception that women wearing heels and especially stilettos are materialistic (and we're not just saying those who wear Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins every day). In reality, these women are really hard workers! They have major drive, determination, and a standout work ethic. 

Whats more, is these women love to look good and take great pride in their appearance. Women who wear heels loves and values beauty, so she surrounds herself with beauty, whether it be in things, people, or how she lives.

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From left to right: Audrey Avenue Ember, Audrey Avenue Donnelly, Django and Juliette Happie

Wearing High-heeled Boots means you like to take charge

Fight or Flight? If you fight and take charge in a time of crisis- then you probably wear high-heeled boots! Women that wear these tend to take control of the situation. They're quick on their feet and able to make clear, rational decisions.

Their super self-assured and confident! When others feel frazzled and stressed, these women remain un-phased and pragmatic! They also love to be assertive and center stage. 

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Wearing Loafers means you are fastidious

If you wear loafers all the time, I bet you have heard someone describe you with one of the following before:

  • Meticulous
  • Perfectionist
  • Attention to detail

When these women have a task at hand, they need to ensure it is done at the highest possible standard. The loafer in itself is a responsible shoe, often focused on details and its additional features. Loafer-lovers are the same! They may take a little longer to produce something- but when they do, it is perfect! These women are reliable too!

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Wearing Sneaker's all the time means you are laid-back and get along with everyone

Are you someone who relates to people much younger than you, yet also feels comfortable conversing with someone much older? Sometimes you love to party, and sometimes you love reading a book on the sofa. 

For Sneaker buffs- they can get on with anyone! Their goal is easy- to be comfy! So they replicate this in both the shoes they wear and the way they hang around people. These women tend to be laid back, easy to talk to and open! Very willing to explore alternate opinions and ideas. I think we all know a fellow sneaker lover who fits this description! 

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