The Perfect Shoe For Winter Around Australia

Australia is a beautiful, varied country. Our vast continent is home to a colourful palette of climates and biomes, populated with unique flora and fauna and a bright and lively people. The beauty and individuality of our continent is unrivalled and ancient. For the last 96 million years we have been isolated from the rest of mother nature, and oh baby did she run wild. From a top down view, Australia is divided into 4 major climatic zones that move past the borders of our many states.

Now that winter is well and truly underway, it's time to compare what winter is like across the nation, and discuss how to best represent our home climates in style. No matter where you are located in our beautiful, diverse country, we have shoes that are the right fit for you.

Thyme Toledo 

Temperate Forests - NSW/VIC/ACT: Thyme Toledo

New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT all share a fairly similar climate. On the coast, shining beaches and thick forests hide the natural history of Australia, while wide open plains inland are the homes and lifeblood of thousands of communities. Humans have walked these lands for tens of thousands of years, and the evidence is in the soil. To embrace the ever evolving and adapting climate of southeast australia and its rugged character, we chose the Thyme Toledo.
With a classic high top sneaker design, a zip and a pull tab for ease of access, and a beautifully comfortable inner sole, the Toledo is just what you need to help you stride the wide open spaces with ease. 

Thyme Toni

Dry Deserts - NT/SA/WA: Thyme Toni

Speaking of wide open spaces, who does that better than the Outback states! The wide dry heart of Australia may be seemingly empty, but its earth holds the histories of our first peoples, and the rock is rich with valuable and stunningly beautiful minerals. But if you want to last long in that heat, even in winter, you’ll need something light and breathable. For your consideration, the Thyme Toni. 

This leisure sneaker is perfect for strolling the sun-soaked pavement in the towns of Central Australia. Its elastic laces and leather frame mold to fit your feet perfectly, while the airy design will prevent your feet from overheating with exercise.

Top End Joya

Damp Rainforests - QLD: Top End Joya

The Northeastern tip of Australia is dominated by swathes of primordial rainforest. Millennia ago Australia was connected to the Papua New Guinea archipelago, and nowhere is that more visible than far north Queensland. Wild and exotic creatures roam the dense swamps and rainforests that line the coast of the peninsula, some found nowhere else in the world. To represent the wild northern coast of Australia, we chose the Top End Joya.

The Joya is a rugged sneaker for a rugged land, with a multitude of styles that are equally wild and suited to the aesthetics of the jungle. And of course the design focuses on comfort, guaranteeing you can hit the walking track without worrying about blisters.

Polar Wilderness - TAS: Westland 18802

And last but not least, we have the rugged wilderness of the far south in Tasmania. Tasmania is surrounded by the two statistically roughest oceans in the world, and frequently bears the brunt of Antarctic weather brought across the Southern Ocean. It has created hardy and fearless people that are too often on the receiving end of bad jokes. However being wild and being stylish are not mutually exclusive, evidenced by the Westland 18802.

The 18802 is a bold boot featuring Top Dry Tex membrane. Not only is this boot  water and winter resistant (with a slip resistant sole), but it's faux fur and fleece lining will keep your feet warm all day long. The trendy adjustable laces will help secure your foot into the boot too! You’ll need it if you’re going to Tasmania this winter…

Whatever climate you call home, we wish you the best and hope you’re staying safe and warm this winter. Love, the Easy Living Footwear Family.