CBD - Christiano Bellaria Design Shoes

Christiano Bellaria Design was established in 2003. It was initially branded as CBD and endeavoured to produce ladies footwear which accommodated the consumer who preferred both leather corporate and casual footwear.

As trends evolved so did the CBD customer. CBD added extra padding under the foot, rubber outsoles and midsized heels to accommodate the busy corporate lady.
The CBD casual customer however, preferred low to mid sized heels with extra soft leathers in a Dress or Casual styling featuring interesting uppers as well as varied colours and materials to choose from.

In 2011 CBD recognised a shift in trends once again and rebranded as a more sophisticated group under the name Christiano Bellaria Design. This category continues to pursue the latest trends globally for both the Corporate customer and Dress/Casual wear customer.

Christiano Bellaria Design still provides the same quality and styling our customer expects from this brand since 2003. 

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