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In 1946 two podiatrists measured over 10,000 women’s feet throughout New Zealand to determine what makes the perfect fit. Backed by this research and expertise, Ziera was launched so women could walk in superior comfort without sacrificing their style.

The key to Ziera comfort is a layered construction with a range of anatomically contoured PU footbeds for shock-absorbing, flexible arch support that targets different podiatric needs. Most styles are removable, easily facilitating custom orthotic use.

Ziera is now under the care of the Munro Footwear Group, an Australian family business representing many well-known brands focused on comfort, lifestyle and design, like Diana Ferrari, Supersoft, Mathers, Midas, Mountfords, Mollini, Cinori and Django & Juliette. The Munro Footwear Group is committed to upholding and developing Ziera’s mission to blend fashion-forward design with scientific podiatric support.



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