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Orthotic & X-Wide

Shop our extensive range of Orthotic and X-Wide fit shoes. From sneakers to ankle boots we have it all. All extremely supportive shoes that are stylish and comfortable too.

Fitted with cushioned soles that support and cradle the foot, our orthotic friendly shoes are not one to miss. Removable soles allows seamless orthotic integration to keep you and your feet happy.

Our textile and leather linings are soft to the touch and helps wick moisture and sweat. Our outsoles often feature dual stabilisers for correct angle for arch support. Our wide-fit shoes are fitted with elastic collars and flexible fabrics to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

These styles are ideal travel footwear as they are all light and stretchy- perfect for swollen feet. Browse our extensive range of stylish and supportive options.

Choose from high-quality styles built with your needs in mind from designers including Klouds, Django & Juliette, Audrey Avenue and Frankie4.



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