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Rieker is well known around the world for manufacturing fashionable styles with incredible comfort. Rieker later created a sister brand called Remonte, that is manufactured in the same warehouse and made to the same high quality as Rieker. The Rieker/Remonte selection includes a huge variety of footwear for women, from long and ankle boots, sandals, to formal loafers and trendy heels.

The Rieker/Remonte range offers you the ideal accessory to complement any outfit and occasion without trading off on foot support and comfort. Striking the perfect balance between fashion and practicality, every Rieker shoe is designed and built with the Rieker features and benefits that make the footwear a step ahead of the competition.

The Rieker/Remonte Antistress technology has been created to ensure that every pair comes with the best level of support, flexibility and durability. Rieker; walk in comfort, wear with style.

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