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Ziera shoes offers comfort shoes that are orthotic friendly - from sandals to boots, Ziera footwear has a shoe that meets your needs and style. Ziera orthotic shoes are popular among our customers because they don’t look any different from standard shoes, a testament to the designer’s style and taste.

Shop our range of Ziera shoes! Starting with podiatrist research in New Zealand in 1946, Ziera shoes was launched with style and superior comfort in mind. Ziera sandals and slippers are very popular, with soft, breathable leather making them the perfect shoes for Australian women looking for optimal comfort. If you are looking for shoes that don’t compromise on style for comfort, shop Ziera shoes now.

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Discover the ultimate comfort and style with Ziera Shoes, a brand at the forefront of supportive trend-ready footwear. Our range features flexible arch support, anatomically contoured PU footbeds, and soft support for custom orthotic use, easily facilitating a perfect fit. With combined podiatry science and sustainable style, our shoes offer layered construction, shock-absorbing technology, and refined comfort for active all-day wear. 

We’re proud to bring Ziera Shoes to Australian women, and we invite you to explore the range online or drop into one of our stores in regional New South Wales for a fitting. Experience the luxurious comfort of Ziera Shoes and step into super supportive, contemporary designs that embrace your feet with the perfect blend of support and style.


3 Reasons Why We Love Ziera Shoes


#1. Flexible arch support

Our shoes feature flexible arch support that adapts to the unique shape of your foot, providing stability and comfort with every step. Whether you're walking, standing, or on the move our shoes ensure that your arches are well-supported, promoting proper alignment and reducing discomfort.


#2. Orthotic friendly designs

A great selection of Ziera boots, shoes and sandals can easily facilitate custom orthotic use, allowing you to personalise your footwear for optimal comfort and support. Their orthotic-friendly designs seamlessly accommodate custom orthotics, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of personalised support without compromising on style. Just look for the Orthotic Friendly icon while you’re browsing our Ziera Shoes range. 


#3. Extreme comfort meets effortless style

Ziera Shoes aligns with one of our primary beliefs: that comfort should never come at the expense of style! Their shoes seamlessly blend refined comfort with contemporary designs, offering a range of styles that cater to diverse tastes while prioritising the well-being of your feet. With Ziera Shoes, you can confidently step into footwear that looks great and provides the support and cushioning you need for all-day comfort.

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